A backend for Logger that logs to Kafka using Brod




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A backend for the Elixir Logger module that speaks Apache Kafka. It relies on the erland brod module to do the actual Kafka integration.

The code has used the LoggerFileBackend (https://github.com/onkel-dirtus/logger_file_backend) as inspiration.


Our config.exs would have an entry similar to this:

# tell logger to load a LoggerKafkaBackend processes
config :logger,
  backends: [{LoggerKafkaBackend, :kafka_logger}]

# configuration for the {LoggerKafkaBackend, :kafka_logger} backend
config :logger, :kafka_logger,
  brokers: [{"broker1", 9092}, {"broker2", 9092}],
  topic: "my_log_topic",
  partition: 0,
  metadata: [:foo],
  level: :error,
  log_hostname: true

The metadata denotes which keys from the process metadata we want in the log format, so we can get the ones we are interested in and nothing more.

This tells Logger to use the LoggerKafkaBackend as the backend and tells the backend how to integrate with Apache Kafka.

The default logging format is a simple JSON structure, containing time, level and message and metadata, and possible host.