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Erlang XMLRPC implementation with SSL, cookies, Authentication.

This is an HTTP 1.1 compliant XML-RPC library for Erlang. It is designed to make it easy to write XML-RPC Erlang clients and/or servers. The library is compliant with the XML-RPC specification published by http://www.xmlrpc.org/.

Prior to using this library you need a recent installation of Erlang (Erlang/OTP R12).

In order to compile the library run make on top level.

You are now ready to try the client and server examples in the examples/ directory.

Do not forget to read doc/xmlrpc.3 (or xmlrpc.txt, xmlrpc.ps, xmlrpc.pdf) for a detailed API description.

Get the latest version of this library at https://github.com/rds13/xmlrpc/ .

This library is a hack over http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/files/contributions/xmlrpc-1.13-ipr2.tgz to add support for custom HTTP headers, https transport and case insensitive HTTP header support. Custom HTTP headers allow to send cookies between client and server.


XMLRPC library can be build as follow:


It is a rebar-compatible OTP application. Alternatively, you can build it with rebar:

rebar compile



Unit test

You can run eunit test with the command:

$ rebar eunit