Elixir client for the Shopify OAuth API

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Shopify.OAuth is published on Hex. Add it to your list of dependencies in mix.exs;

defp deps do
  { :shopify_oauth, "~> 1.0" }

Shopify.OAuth requires you to provide an HTTP client and a JSON codec. hackney and jason are used by default. If you wish to use these defaults you will need to specify hackney and jason as dependencies as well.


{:ok, response} =
  %{client_id: "49f754092e83a76bf4e49ab6feb3f8b9", client_secret: "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", code: "f5be881c575fedf9491d26aff123ace7"}
  |> Shopify.OAuth.create_access_token()
  |> Shopify.OAuth.request(%{shop: "some-shop"})

Verifying HMAC Signatures

Shopify.OAuth provides verify_hmac/2 and verify_hmac/3 functions for verifying HMAC signatures returned by the Shopify API.

Please see the Shopify Authentication with OAuth documentation for the technical details regarding HMAC verification.


query = "code=0907a61c0c8d55e99db179b68161bc00&hmac=700e2dadb827fcc8609e9d5ce208b2e9cdaab9df07390d2cbca10d7c328fc4bf&"
shared_secret = "hush"

{:ok, hmac} = Shopify.OAuth.verify_hmac(query, shared_secret)


hmac = "700e2dadb827fcc8609e9d5ce208b2e9cdaab9df07390d2cbca10d7c328fc4bf"
message = "code=0907a61c0c8d55e99db179b68161bc00&"
shared_secret = "hush"

{:ok, hmac} = Shopify.HMAC.verify(hmac, message, shared_secret)


Configuration is passed as a map to the second argument of Shopify.OAuth.request/2.

  • :host - HTTP host to make requests to. Defaults to
  • :http_client - the HTTP client used for making requests. Defaults to Shopify.OAuth.Client.Hackney.
  • :http_client_opts - additional options passed to :http_client. Defaults to [].
  • :json_codec - codec for encoding and decoding JSON payloads. Defaults to Jason.
  • :path - path to prefix on each request. Defaults to /admin.
  • :port - the HTTP port used when making a request
  • :protocol - the HTTP protocol used when making a request. Defaults to https.
  • :retry - whether to automatically retry failed API calls. May bee true or false. Defaults to false.
  • :retry_opts - options used when performing retries. Defaults to [].
    • :max_attempts - the maximum number of retry attempts. Defaults to 3.
  • :shop - subdomain of the shop that a request is to be made to