Basic Development Environment - a set of foundational C++ libraries used at Bloomberg.

brew install bde


BDE Libraries

This repository contains the BDE libraries, currently BSL (BDE Standard Library) and BDL (BDE Development Library). For more information about BSL, BDL, and BDE, follow the links below:

Basic Build Instructions

BDE uses a build system based on waf, which is located in the BDE Tools repository. This build system must be set up before being used:

  1. Make sure that python 2.6 - 2.7 are installed on the system.
  2. Download BDE Tools and add the path <bde_tools_repo_root>/bin to the system PATH environment variable. Make sure the first waf command found in PATH is a script from that path.

Once the waf based build system has been set up. The following commands can be used to configure and build the BDE repository:

  1. From the root of this source repository, run:

    waf configure
  2. To build the libraries, but not the test drivers, run:

    waf build

    To also build the test drivers, run:

    waf build --test build

    To build and run the test drivers, run:

    waf build --test run

For more details on building the BDE repository, please see the Quick Start Guide.

For more details on the waf-based build system for building BDE-style repositories, please see its wiki page.


The BDE libraries are distributed under the Apache License (version 2.0); see the LICENSE file at the top of the source tree for more information.

Question, Comments and Feedback

If you have questions, comments, suggestions for improvement or any other inquiries regarding BDE, feel free to open an issue in the issue tracker.