Infocom-style interactive fiction player for Unix and DOS

brew install frotz


FROTZ V2.45pre - An interpreter for all Infocom and other Z-machine games.
Complies with standard 1.0 of Graham Nelson's specification.

Originally written by Stefan Jokisch in 1995-1997.
Ported to Unix by Galen Hazelwood.
Reference code and Unix port currently maintained by David Griffith.

- Compiles and runs on most common flavors of Unix, both open source and not.
- Plays all Z-code games including V6.
- Sound support through libao.
- Config files.
- Configurable error checking.
- Distributed under the GNU Public License.

For information on what Interactive Fiction is and how to play it, see the
file "HOW_TO_PLAY".

For installation information, see the file "INSTALL".

For update history, see the file "Changelog".

For information on known bugs in Frotz, see the file "BUGS".

For bug reports, check the Unix Frotz website to see if there's a new
release.  If not, send your bug report to me at

The latest information on and source code of Unix Frotz is available at

The latest release of Unix Frotz is available from the Interactive
Fiction Archive at:

The Interactive Fiction Archive has several mirrors which may be better
choices depending on where you live.  Here is a partial list.

in the USA:
in Ireland:
in Austria:

FTP based mirrors are also available:

in the USA:
in Austria:
in Finland:

And via Gopher:

in the USA:         gopher://