:package: Mac App Store command line interface

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brew install mas




A simple command line interface for the Mac App Store. Designed for scripting and automation.

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📲 Install

đŸē Homebrew

Homebrew is the preferred way to install:

brew install mas

☎ī¸ Older macOS Versions

macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) is required to install mas from the core Homebrew formula. We provide a custom Homebrew tap with pre-built bottles for all macOS versions since 10.11.


Just run this command:

brew install mas-cli/tap/mas

🐙 GitHub Releases

Alternatively, binaries are available in the GitHub Releases

đŸ¤ŗđŸģ Usage

Each application in the Mac App Store has a product identifier which is also used for mas-cli commands. Using mas list will show all installed applications and their product identifiers.

$ mas list
446107677 Screens
407963104 Pixelmator
497799835 Xcode

It is possible to search for applications by name using mas search which will search the Mac App Store and return matching identifiers. Include the --price flag to include prices in the result.

$ mas search Xcode
497799835 Xcode
688199928 Docs for Xcode
449589707 Dash 3 - API Docs & Snippets. Integrates with Xcode, Alfred, TextWrangler and many more.

To install or update an application simply run mas install with an application identifier:

$ mas install 808809998
==> Downloading PaintCode 2
==> Installed PaintCode 2

If you want to install the first result that the search command returns, use the lucky command.

$ mas lucky twitter
==> Downloading Twitter
==> Installed Twitter

Please note that this command will not allow you to install (or even purchase) an app for the first time: it must already be in the Purchased tab of the App Store.

Use mas outdated to list all applications with pending updates.

$ mas outdated
497799835 Xcode (7.0)
446107677 Screens VNC - Access Your Computer From Anywhere (3.6.7)

mas is only able to install/update applications that are listed in the Mac App Store itself. Use softwareupdate(8) utility for downloading system updates (like iTunes, Xcode Command Line Tools, etc)

To install all pending updates run mas upgrade.

$ mas upgrade
Upgrading 2 outdated applications:
Xcode (7.0), Screens VNC - Access Your Computer From Anywhere (3.6.7)
==> Downloading Xcode
==> Installed Xcode
==> Downloading iFlicks
==> Installed iFlicks

Updates can be performed selectively by providing the app identifier(s) to mas upgrade

$ mas upgrade 715768417
Upgrading 1 outdated application:
Xcode (8.0)
==> Downloading Xcode
==> Installed Xcode

🚏đŸ“Ĩ Sign-in

To sign into the Mac App Store for the first time run mas signin.

$ mas signin
==> Signing in to Apple ID:

⚠ī¸ Due to breaking changes in the underlying API that mas uses to interact with the Mac App Store, the signin command has been temporarily disabled on macOS 10.13+ ⛔. For more information on this issue, see #164.

If you experience issues signing in this way, you can ask to signin using a graphical dialog (provided by Mac App Store application):

$ mas signin --dialog
==> Signing in to Apple ID:

You can also embed your password in the command.

$ mas signin 'ZdkM4f$gzF;'
==> Signing in to Apple ID:

Use mas signout to sign out from the Mac App Store.

đŸē Homebrew integration

mas is integrated with homebrew-bundle. If mas is installed, and you run brew bundle dump, then your Mac App Store apps will be included in the Brewfile created. See the homebrew-bundle docs for more details.

đŸ’Ĩ When something doesn't work

If you see the error "This redownload is not available for this Apple ID either because it was bought by a different user of the item was refunded or cancelled.", it's probably because you haven't installed the app through the App Store yet. See #46.

If mas doesn't work for you as expected (e.g. you can't update/download apps), run mas reset and try again. If the issue persists, please file a bug! All your feedback is much appreciated ✨

đŸ“ē Using tmux

mas operates via the same system services as the Mac App Store. These exist as separate processes with communication through XPC. As a result of this, mas experiences similar problems as the pasteboard when running inside tmux. A wrapper tool exists to fix pasteboard behaviour which also works for mas.

You should consider configuring tmux to use the wrapper but if you do not wish to do this it can be used on a one-off basis as follows:

brew install reattach-to-user-namespace
reattach-to-user-namespace mas install

ℹī¸ Build from source

You can now build from Xcode by opening mas-cli.xcodeproj, or from the Terminal:


Build output can be found in the build/ directory within the project.

✅ Tests

The tests in this project are a recent work-in-progress. Since Xcode does not officially support tests for command-line tool targets, all logic is part of the MasKit target with tests in MasKitTests. Tests are written using Quick.

📄 License

mas-cli was created by @argon. Code is under the MIT license.