Set of tools for Qt development

inqlude install qtoolbox



qtoolbox is a set of tools for everyday Qt development. A "swiss army knife". Designed to be minimalistic, does "just what promised, nothing more".

Every "tool" comes with test code, that works also as example code.

If required, tools should provide a README file written in Markdown language (Markdown webpage, on Wikipedia).


Sqlite DB Helper

Simplify Sqlite Database versioning during a project life-cycle. It works as a Super-class for other, more specific DbHelpers. What it "helps" to do, is to handle the versioning of the database in a simple and clean manner: if you ask for a version of DB that is higher then the current one, it deletes the current one and creates the new one, before returning an open connection to the DB.

Logging Macros

A set of logging macros. The rationale behind is to have the possibility to control all log macros (and level/verbosity) from one file and at compile time. Having just a release/debug mode such as qDebug() might not be enough since the more the project grows the more clutter there is in the log file; with these macro, and a bit of housekeeping, it is possible to decide which class is allowed to generate macros (with no runtime check, everything is done at compile time).

Worker Thread (TODO)

Google Maps Widget (TODO)

PAC file loader (TODO)


Every tool will be sitting in a separate subdirectory. A ".pri" file will be provided, to make it easy to include it within your project. It's not a separate library, just a set of headers/classes. In addition, a "test" subdirectory will contain a test/example application.

Main Developers/Authors