QML Cross Platform Utility Library

inqlude install quickcross


QML Cross Platform Utility Library

QuickCross is a collection of helper utility for writing cross platform QML application.


  1. Device - Device information provider
  2. StandardPaths - Wrapper of QStandardPaths for QML
  3. Rect - Wrapper of QRectF for QML
  4. Line - Wrapper of QLineF for QML

Class Reference

Testing Components:

  1. ImageReader - Wrapper of QImageReader
  2. JsonReader - Read a json file and convert to Javascript object
  3. ImageProvider - A custom image provider that can preload all the images.
  4. EasingCurve - Wrapper of QEasingCurve

Those componetns are already available but no document yet. And their API is not frozen for changes.


qpm install com.github.benlau.quickcross

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