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Cryptol is a domain-specific language for specifying cryptographic algorithms. A Cryptol implemen...
Latest release 2.5.0 - Updated - 627 stars
This library provides a Haskell implementation of Engine.IO, a library for real-time client-serve...
Latest release 1.2.17 - Updated - 115 stars
X.509 Certificate and CRL validation
Latest release 1.6.9 - Updated - 42 stars
X.509 collection accessing and storing methods for certificate, crl, exception list
Latest release 1.6.5 - Updated - 42 stars
This library provides an implementation of protocol (version 1). It builds on top of En...
Latest release 1.3.8 - Updated - 115 stars

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hedgehog-checkers-lens provides the various lens, prism, setter, and traversal laws as ready-to-u...
Latest release - Published - 11 stars
Like the checkers library, but for hedgehog. Common stuff you'd want to check.
Latest release - Published - 11 stars
Latest release - Published
An implementation of an effect system for Haskell (a fork of freer-effects), which is based on th...
Latest release - Published - 9 stars
Generators for primitive meshes
Latest release - Published

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The HTTP package supports client-side web programming in Haskell. It lets you set up HTTP connect...
Latest release 4000.3.9 - Updated - 122 stars
sensu-run is a command line tool to send command execution results to Sensu monitoring server.
Latest release - Updated - 5 stars
Read and write spreadsheets from and to files containing comma separated values (CSV) in a lazy w...
Latest release - Updated
This package provides IO operations from async package lifted to any instance of MonadBase or Mon...
Latest release - Updated - 13 stars
influxdb is a Haskell client library for InfluxDB. Read Database.InfluxDB for a quick start guide.
Latest release - Updated - 40 stars

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Elm aims to make client-side web-development pleasant. It is a statically/strongly typed, functio...
Latest release 0.15 - Updated - 4.19K stars
Diagrams is a flexible, extensible EDSL for creating graphics of many types. Graphics can be cre...
Latest release - Updated - 63 stars
Elerea (Eventless reactivity) is a tiny discrete time FRP implementation without the notion of ev...
Latest release 2.9.0 - Updated
An efficient compact, immutable byte string type (both strict and lazy) suitable for binary or 8-...
Latest release - Updated - 68 stars
A JSON parsing and encoding library optimized for ease of use and high performance. To get start...
Latest release - Updated - 661 stars

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