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Wrapper of the Sharp image manipulation library for Gatsby plugins
Latest release 4.18.0-next.1 - Updated - 53.1K stars
Gatsby transformer plugin for images using Sharp
Latest release 4.18.0-next.1 - Updated - 53.1K stars
Processes images in markdown so they can be used in the production build.
Latest release 6.18.0-next.1 - Updated - 53.1K stars
Detect the file type of a Buffer/Uint8Array/ArrayBuffer
Latest release 17.1.2 - Updated - 2.57K stars
PHP image manipulation
Latest release 2.7.2 - Updated - 12.6K stars

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Generate image url from your 2D canvas
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published
A library for generating colorful mosaic images with various geometrical patterns.
Latest release 0.1.0 - Published
Gulp plugin to handle images
Latest release 0.1.0 - Published
🚩 FastImage, performant React Native image component.
Latest release 8.5.12 - Published - 6.9K stars
import image files with rollup
Latest release 1.0.0 - Published

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🔥 A Quick and Precise Way to get the Median Value of an Array of Numbers (Typed or Untyped)
Latest release 1.0.0 - Updated - 3 stars
Material style image with loading animation
Latest release 4.0.5 - Updated - 1 stars
A faster and more usefule image blur tool.
Latest release 0.4.0 - Updated
Simple lightbox component.
Latest release 0.10.2 - Updated - 15 stars
Calculate Band Statistics for an Image
Latest release 0.4.0 - Updated - 1 stars

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Minify PNG, JPEG, GIF and SVG images
Latest release 8.0.0 - Updated - 1.83K stars
Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo
Latest release 2.9.3 - Updated - 8.64K stars
High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, GIF, AVI...
Latest release 0.30.7 - Updated - 22K stars
PHP image manipulation
Latest release 2.7.2 - Updated - 12.6K stars
An image processing library written entirely in JavaScript (i.e. zero external or native dependen...
Latest release 0.16.2-canary.1086.1311.0 - Updated - 12K stars

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