Tool to schedule parametrized Release Builds on a CI Environment




This is a tool that is easy to use and that integrates

  • Parametrized Jenkins Jobs,
  • Email Notification Actions

in one simple configurable application.

The main goal ist to schedule builds with custom Release Numbers and other Parameters. It can run as a standalone Spring Boot Webapp.


  • It uses an existig git repo to store Action Configurations and the corresponding Calendars with custom Parameters
  • A Calendar can have a custom amount of Columns, which are mapped automatically to parametrized Jenkins Jobs
  • Scheduled Jobs can be launced from the Spring Boot app or from a generated Jenkins Job. It suffices to launch a Maven Mojo, which will be installed automatically from Maven Central.


  • 0.9.6 Various Cleanup taks Removed the View and the Logic t run releasetrain as a Jenkins Job Bugfixes

  • 0.9.4 Saving the Config before refresing on the git configuration Blocking Window when refreshing git connection Rest call to for the latest version when generating the jenkins job

For Developers

  • Feel free to fork or to create a pull requests.
  • Implementations of more Custom Actions are welcome, please let me know if you need help or if you need better interfaces.

Travis-CI: Build Status

For Users


  1. Download the latest Spring Boot App: From Maven Central.
  2. Start from command line the command: java -jar webui-0.9.6.jar.
  3. On Windows the default browser will open and the webapp is shown at http://localhost:8080.


On the Menu open Start as shown below:

  • Here you have to provide the connection to an existing git repo.
  • The git branch is required to store the configuration files in Yaml Format; the branch will be created if it does not yet exist.
  • You can see the 2 green buttons for read and write access to the git connection and branch.
  • If you see errors in the error field, fix the config and "Check Connection for Config" again.
  • The provided connection information will be stored in the user's home directory under ./releasetrain/gitConfig.yaml. The password is lightly encrypted in order not to store it in plaintext (however, it's easy to find the key so, it's not a big deal to decrypt at all...)

Insert the Default Action Configuration for Jenkins and Email Actions:

  • The build token is for Jenkins Jobs with the "Trigger builds remotely (e.g., from scripts)" selected

  • Provide the default e-mail parameters. In this version there is no option for an SMTP Server with authentication. Please file a ticket or open a pull request if you need this option.
  • The default actions will be stored in a file in the branch in the configured git repo.

Implement your new Actions:

  • First insert the Name of the Action, the Action will have its own Calendar with 1 to n scheduled events.
  • An Action can have one or more Actions (Jenkins and Email Actions).

  • An Action can have one or more Actions (Jenkins and Email Actions)

  • Every Action has its own Configuration.
  • You can set a time offset for every Action; an Action with offset 0:00 will start right at time given in the schedule.
  • An time offset means that the execution of this step will wait for the provided time to finish.

Create the Calendar for each Action:

  • You can add columns as shown above. The column Name will be automatically mapped to Jenkins Action Parameters and to Email Text Variables.

  • As shown above you can disable Columns if not required for the action.

  • With New Entry you now can schedule your Actions whenever you need to run them.
  • In the State Column you can see the State of Actions already Succeded or in Error State.