Compare two OpenAPI specifications(3.x) and render the difference to html file or markdown file.

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Backbase OpenApi Tools

The Backbase Open API Tools is a collection of tools created to work efficiently with OpenAPI

It currently consists of

  • RAML 1.0 Converter to OpenAPI 3.0
  • Create Diff Report between 2 OpenAPI versions of the same spec (Based on
  • Decompose Transformer to remove Composed Schemas from OpenAPI specs to aid in code generators
  • Case Transformer to see how your API looks like when going from camelCase to snake_case (transforms examples too)
  • Code Generator based on with optimized templates and fixes.
  • Lint mojo based on Zalando Zally API Guidelines

The project is very much Work In Progress and will be published on maven central when considered ready enough.

Release Notes

BOAT is still under development and subject to change.


  • Maven Plugin
    • Fixed handling of absolute file paths for linting OpenAPI specs
    • Changed boat-bay dateLibrary for upload spec .


  • Maven Plugin
    • Made boat:radio goal properties w.r.t boat-bay server unique.



  • Boat Scaffold
    • References to /examples/foo now are also dereferenced


  • Boat Scaffold
    • Makes sure to URLDecode paths while dereferencing examples


  • Boat Scaffold
    • Resolve references to other path operations' examples


  • Boat Marina
    • Removes flatObjects as they are no longer needed
    • response.message was wrongfully escaped, escaping in the docs template instead
    • We no longer need to generate model aliases in boat marina


  • Boat Marina
    • Exports flatObjects as a model to prevent errors with references


  • Maven Plugin
    • Added boat:ship mojo to automagically zip specs found in src/main/resources and attach it to the project reactor so mvn install or mvn deploy will also include a zip archive of the project with with api classifier
    • Changed boat:bundle includes parameter to an array of patterns to allow recursive patters to discover OpenAPIs
  • Boat Scaffold
    • Fixed bug in typescript generator where only one of the overloaded function signatures per deprecated endpoint was marked as deprecated.


  • Boat Marina
    • Added boat-markers directory in target to keep track of successful and unsuccessful actions on OpenAPI specs


  • Boat Marina

    • Added a now BOAT Scaffold template called Marina, as that is where the models hang out. The Boat Marina template outputs a single JSON file that is used to offer a rich user interface built from the specs including search, page per operation and many more features!
  • Maven Plugin

    • The boat:doc goal now recursively search OpenAPI specs in a directory to generate docs for each found spec.



  • Angular Generator
    • Added support for Angular version ranges in peer dependencies


  • Angular Generator
    • Added support for Angular 11


  • Angular Generator
    • Simplify Angular generator options by removing the unused ones (withInterfaces,providedInRoot)
    • fix Mock is not generated if Http status equals to 201 (SDK-2388)


  • Lint
    • Added rules.
      • Check plurals on paths resource names.
      • Check prefix for paths should contain version.
    • Enabled rules.
      • Use Standard HTTP Status Codes.


  • General
    • Improved code quality
    • Added more unit tests
    • Added more realistic example projects in boat-maven-plugin
    • Added help:describe support for boat-maven-plugin
    • Fixed building in Windows
  • Boat Docs
    • Render response examples from response instead of schema object
  • Lint
    • Added additional rules.
      • Check x-icon value in the info block.
      • Check info block description.
      • Check tags allowed.
      • Check info block title.
      • Check prefix for paths. i.e. "client-api", "service-api", "integration-api"
    • Ignore Zalando Ruleset by default in boat-maven-plugin


  • Java Templates

    • Correct the import and use of @Qualifier in ApiClient template
    • Only change base type when date useSetForUniqueNames is set true
  • Boat Docs

    • Handle examples for MediaTypes without Schemas (such as text/csv)


  • Angular Generator
    • Apply the correct return type when multiple responses are present
    • Generate mocks for examples defined in dereferenced schemas


  • Java Generator - boat-spring library
    • Fixed reactive spring templates
    • Avoid importing HttpServletResponse when using reactive
  • Angular Generator
    • Handle empty bodies properly in Mock generation
    • Update foundation-ang to latest version


  • Maven Plugin

    • Added removeExtensions mojo parameter to boat:bundle to filter out the given vendor extensions from bundle.
    • Added includes mojo parameter to boat:bundle as a glob pattern selecting the specification files (defaults to *.yaml).
    • Added apisToGenerate mojo parameter to boat:generate
    • Set the default of httpUserAgent to ${project.artifactId}-${project.version}.
  • Java Generator - resttemplate library

    • Added useWithModifiers option to use the with prefix for POJO modifiers (defaults to false).
    • added useSetForUniqueItems to map arrays containing uniqueItems to Set (defaults to false).
    • Added useClassLevelBeanValidation option (defaults to false).
    • Added useJacksonConversion to use Jackson for parameters conversion instead of toString (defaults to false).
    • Added restTemplateBeanName to qualify the autowired RestTemplate bean.
  • Angular Generator

    • Added an Angular client generator for version 10 and up. The generator template is inherited from the standard one at, with the addition of mock responses and a several fixes, among which:
      • Handling of reserved typescript words
      • Added support for Typescript and Javascript for escaping of strings in generators
      • Escaping of model properties when not using camelCase
      • Support for multiple MediaTypes
    • To enable mocks generation, set the withMocks option to true


  • Maven Plugin
    • boat:lint mojo will generate an HTML report based on API Guidelines
    • boat:docs mojo will generate HTML documentation from OpenAPI showing multiple examples and requests as well as Custom Annotations
  • General Bug Fixes
  • Linting Rule Engine extended with reserved word linting
  • NOTE: The lint rules are still in development. The documentation is still in the works.


  • Maven Plugin
    • Added version parameter to bundle goal.
    • Added bundleSpecs parameter to generate goal to automatically bundle specs into single file
  • Modernised BOAT Terminal
  • Improved BOAT:Docs Templates
  • Properly dereference examples


  • Improved styling HTML docs
  • preview BOAT:QUAY linting mojo for linting OpenAPI specs.
  • Avoid circular references when derefenencing OpenAPI specs


  • Render multiple requests and examples in boat-docs

  • Created HTML templates for boat-docs

  • Pretty Print JSON Examples

  • Added boat:doc mojo for generating beautiful HTML2 docs

    • Spring Generator*
    • Restored HttpServletRequest parameter (regression).
  • Added boat:yard to create static website based on a collection of specs


  • simple fix to check for null value in openApi.getComponents().getSchemas()
  • ability to resolve references like #/components/schemas/myObject/items or #/components/schemas/myObject/properties/embeddedObject
  • simple fix to avoid npe in StaticHtml2Generation escaping response message.


  • Add DereferenceComponentsPropertiesTransformer (that does a bit extra)
  • Fix recursive referencing in UnAliasTransformer


  • Added bundle skip
  • Changed numbering scheme


  • Maven Plugin

    • Added bundle.skip parameter to bundle goal (defaults to false).
  • HTML2 Generator

    • Removes examples
    • Adds title of API to the left navigation
    • Removes unnecessary spaces in the docs
    • Fixes item focus on left navigation
    • Updates Json Schema Ref Parser library
    • Updates Json schema view library
    • Adds support for allOf with Json schema merge all of
    • Fixes header x- params being escaped. eg X-Total-Count to XMinusTotalMunisCount
    • Fixes markdown in description not being escaped and breaking javascript.
    • Fixes missing references to extended simple types (set unAlias option to true).
    • Fixes missing references because confusion over whether to reference name or classname.
    • Moved the code generation into a separate module to be used by other BOAT components.
    • Cleaning up dependencies
    • Added boat:bundle mojo to bundle fragments into a single spec.
    • boat:bundle unaliases the spec.
  • Spring Generator

    • Added useWithModifiers to use the with prefix for POJO modifiers (defaults to false; for compatibility with the old RAML generator must be set to true).
    • Fixed x-abstract extension (not generated)
    • Reset the defaults of the options added in 0.2.7 to avoid breaking changes.
      • useLombokAnnotations: false
      • openApiNullable: true
      • useSetForUniqueItems: false


  • Spring Generator

    • added in-container validation, e.g. List<@Size(max = 36) String> (see JSR-380 - Container element constraints).
    • added vendor extensions: x-abstract, x-implements.
    • added useLombokAnnotations option (defaults to true)
    • added openApiNullable option (taken from 5.0, breaking change, defaults to false, set to true if not ready).
    • added useSetForUniqueItems to map arrays with uniqueItems to Set instead of List (breaking change, defaults to true, set to false if not ready).
    • added additionalDependencies to be used in spring-boot/pom.mustache template.
    • formatted method parameters.
  • Maven Plugin

    • added addTestCompileSourceRoot which adds the output directory to the project as a test source root.
    • added apiNameSuffix to customise the name of the API interface.
    • corrected generatorName property to point to openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generatorName.
    • fixed the code generated for properties of type Map in model.
    • refactored GenerateMojo so mvn boat:generate -Dcodegen.configHelp -Dopenapi.generator.maven.plugin.generatorName=spring works correctly.
    • test the generated code in the integration test phase


  • Ensure RAML traits that are converted to OAS extensions are all using lower case.


  • Fixed a bug how duplicate names are generated if RAML source has duplicate names for references. The parent resource name is now prepended to the schema name without removing the last character of the parent resource name
  • Fixed a bug when in RAML resources were inline references instead of global type references for Request Bodies causing Response Schemas being referenced as Request Bodies

0.2.4 - Breaking Change!

  • Changed how operationIds are generated. The previous implementation ended up generating very long and confusing names. The improved generator greatly improves the names of operationId when converting from RAML to OAS3
  • Default version of OpenAPI is now 3.0.3
  • Generated STUBS and Clients must be refactored to use the new names! It should not affect the names of Schemas converted from RAML.


  • Use RAML Display Name as Summary on Http Operations when converting to OAS3
  • Also include integration-spec and artifacts ending on specs as default for conversion using export-dep
  • Fix HTML2 Titles


  • Fixed enum conversion. Empty enums are now set to null again when converting from raml to OpenAPI
  • Added more robust code gen mojos


  • Improved Open API Diff
  • Sonar Fixes


  • Created new Code Generation Mojos with opinionated settings for ** Java Client with Spring WebClient (Reactive) ** Java Server Stubs for WebFlux (Reactive) ** Java Client with Spring Rest Template (Non Reactive) ** Java Server Stubs for Spring Rest Controller (Non Reactive) ** Improved Java Client API's to better cope with reserved words
  • Export Dependencies will now traverse through the artifact to find all raml specs
  • Improved RAML 2 Open API conversion
  • Upgraded OpenAPI Diff library to more current version
  • Mojo's can now break the build by setting continueOnError to false


  • Improved how services are named after base url conversion was introduced.


  • Reversed normalization of schema names as that causes stack overflow errors.
  • Fixed Base URL Conversion from RAML to OpenAPI
  • Specify schema type when adding additional properties in Maven plugin using additionalPropertiesType configuration option


  • Added configurable flag to add HttpServletRequest parameters to codegen'd server stubs.
  • Extract inline examples from the obtained OpenAPI spec and put them under '/examples/' as json files.
  • Changed the normalization of Schema Names to ensure existing casing is not lost


  • Added documentation on boat-maven-plugin
  • Upgraded YAML Libraries to improve output of YAML files
  • Use standardized swagger YAML output
  • Added Bean Validator in Code Generator
  • Changed Open API Loader to correctly resolve references from reading input location instead of string


  • Upgraded openapi-generator to 4.3.0
  • Fixed java doc in the Java templates to allow usage in Java 11 projects
  • Rename variable name accept to acceptMediaType in Java templates to allow OpenAPI Specs with parameters called accept


  • Fixed template for HTML2 generator
  • Include conversion of api.raml files found in dependencies


  • Added Code Generator Mojo from on with custom templates for Java, JavaSpring and HTML2
  • Renamed export to export-dep mojo for converting RAML specs to oas from dependencies
  • Added export mojo for converting RAML specs from input file
  • Added Normaliser transformer for transforming examples names to be used in Java code generation as example names cannot have special characters.
  • Improve Title and Descriptions of converted RAML specs
  • Always wrap examples in example object
  • Many code improvements to be not ashamed of Sonar Reports.

Build & Install

mvn install

CLI Usage

Convert RAML to Open API 3.0

cd boat-terminal
java -jar target/boat-terminal-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  -f src/test/resources/api.raml

Convert RAML to Open API 3.0 && Pipe output to file

cd boat-terminal
java -jar target/boat-terminal-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  -f src/test/resources/api.raml \
  > openapi.yaml

Convert RAML to Open API 3.0 file and verbose logging

cd boat-terminal
java -jar target/boat-terminal-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  -f src/test/resources/api.raml \
  -o swagger.yaml \

Convert RAML to Open API 3.0 with examples exploded into /examples/

cd boat-terminal
java -jar target/boat-terminal-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar \
  -f src/test/resources/api.raml \
  -o swagger.yaml \
  -d my-open-api-spec/ \

Maven Plugin Usage


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""




The following command will convert the given client-api.raml file into Open API 3.0 format.

mvn boat:export

NOTE: RAML file name should end with -api.raml, service-api.raml or client-api.raml.

Export All Specifications in Bill-Of-Materials pom file

If you want to export all specifications referenced in a pom file, you can use the following mojo

                        <!-- Bom equal or higher than 2.16 -->
                    <markdownBottom># Disclaimer
This API is converted from RAML1.0 using the boat-maven-plugin and is not final or validated!

Configuration Options

  • The addChangeLog option will automagically insert a change log between all referenced versions
  • The includeVersionsRegEx can be used to filter out certain versions. By default it's set to ^(\d+\.)?(\d+\.)?(\d+)$ to only allow x.x.x versions. To also include patch versions, set it to ^(\d+\.)?(\d+\.)?(\d+\.)?(\*|\d+)$
mvn boat:export-bom

Generate API docs


<!-- ... -->


<!-- ... -->

The following command will generate index.html file in the specified output folder that contains API endpoints description.

mvn boat:generate@generate-docs

Generate API interfaces



A comprehensive list of the Configuration options can be found below.

Option Property Description
verbose openapi.generator.maven.plugin.verbose verbose mode (false by default)
inputSpec openapi.generator.maven.plugin.inputSpec OpenAPI Spec file path
language openapi.generator.maven.plugin.language target generation language (deprecated, replaced by generatorName as values here don't represent only 'language' any longer)
generatorName openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generatorName target generator name
output openapi.generator.maven.plugin.output target output path (default is ${}/generated-sources/openapi. Can also be set globally through the openapi.generator.maven.plugin.output property)
gitHost openapi.generator.maven.plugin.gitHost The git host, e.g.
gitUserId openapi.generator.maven.plugin.gitUserId sets git information of the project
gitRepoId openapi.generator.maven.plugin.gitRepoId sets the repo ID (e.g. openapi-generator)
templateDirectory openapi.generator.maven.plugin.templateDirectory directory with mustache templates
templateResourcePath openapi.generator.maven.plugin.templateResourcePath directory with mustache templates via resource path. This option will overwrite any option defined in templateDirectory.
engine openapi.generator.maven.plugin.engine The name of templating engine to use, "mustache" (default) or "handlebars" (beta)
auth openapi.generator.maven.plugin.auth adds authorization headers when fetching the OpenAPI definitions remotely. Pass in a URL-encoded string of name:header with a comma separating multiple values
configurationFile openapi.generator.maven.plugin.configurationFile Path to separate json configuration file. File content should be in a json format {"optionKey":"optionValue", "optionKey1":"optionValue1"...} Supported options can be different for each language. Run config-help -g {generator name} command for language specific config options
skipOverwrite openapi.generator.maven.plugin.skipOverwrite Specifies if the existing files should be overwritten during the generation. (false by default)
apiPackage openapi.generator.maven.plugin.apiPackage the package to use for generated api objects/classes
modelPackage openapi.generator.maven.plugin.modelPackage the package to use for generated model objects/classes
invokerPackage openapi.generator.maven.plugin.invokerPackage the package to use for the generated invoker objects
packageName openapi.generator.maven.plugin.packageName the default package name to use for the generated objects
groupId openapi.generator.maven.plugin.groupId sets project information in generated pom.xml/build.gradle or other build script. Language-specific conversions occur in non-jvm generators
artifactId openapi.generator.maven.plugin.artifactId sets project information in generated pom.xml/build.gradle or other build script. Language-specific conversions occur in non-jvm generators
artifactVersion openapi.generator.maven.plugin.artifactVersion sets project information in generated pom.xml/build.gradle or other build script. Language-specific conversions occur in non-jvm generators
library openapi.generator.maven.plugin.library library template (sub-template)
modelNamePrefix openapi.generator.maven.plugin.modelNamePrefix Sets the prefix for model classes and enums
modelNameSuffix openapi.generator.maven.plugin.modelNameSuffix Sets the suffix for model classes and enums
ignoreFileOverride openapi.generator.maven.plugin.ignoreFileOverride specifies the full path to a .openapi-generator-ignore used for pattern based overrides of generated outputs
httpUserAgent openapi.generator.maven.plugin.httpUserAgent Sets custom User-Agent header value
removeOperationIdPrefix openapi.generator.maven.plugin.removeOperationIdPrefix remove operationId prefix (e.g. user_getName => getName)
logToStderr openapi.generator.maven.plugin.logToStderr write all log messages (not just errors) to STDOUT
enablePostProcessFile openapi.generator.maven.plugin. enable file post-processing hook
skipValidateSpec openapi.generator.maven.plugin.skipValidateSpec Whether or not to skip validating the input spec prior to generation. By default, invalid specifications will result in an error.
strictSpec openapi.generator.maven.plugin.strictSpec Whether or not to treat an input document strictly against the spec. 'MUST' and 'SHALL' wording in OpenAPI spec is strictly adhered to. e.g. when false, no fixes will be applied to documents which pass validation but don't follow the spec.
generateAliasAsModel openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateAliasAsModel generate alias (array, map) as model
configOptions N/A a map of language-specific parameters. To show a full list of generator-specified parameters (options), please use configHelp (explained below)
instantiationTypes openapi.generator.maven.plugin.instantiationTypes sets instantiation type mappings in the format of type=instantiatedType,type=instantiatedType. For example (in Java): array=ArrayList,map=HashMap. In other words array types will get instantiated as ArrayList in generated code. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
importMappings openapi.generator.maven.plugin.importMappings specifies mappings between a given class and the import that should be used for that class in the format of type=import,type=import. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
typeMappings openapi.generator.maven.plugin.typeMappings sets mappings between OpenAPI spec types and generated code types in the format of OpenAPIType=generatedType,OpenAPIType=generatedType. For example: array=List,map=Map,string=String. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
languageSpecificPrimitives openapi.generator.maven.plugin.languageSpecificPrimitives specifies additional language specific primitive types in the format of type1,type2,type3,type3. For example: String,boolean,Boolean,Double. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
additionalProperties openapi.generator.maven.plugin.additionalProperties sets additional properties that can be referenced by the mustache templates in the format of name=value,name=value. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
serverVariableOverrides openapi.generator.maven.plugin.serverVariableOverrides A map of server variable overrides for specs that support server URL templating
reservedWordsMappings openapi.generator.maven.plugin.reservedWordsMappings specifies how a reserved name should be escaped to. Otherwise, the default _<name> is used. For example id=identifier. You can also have multiple occurrences of this option
generateApis openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateApis generate the apis (true by default). Specific apis may be defined as a CSV via apisToGenerate.
apisToGenerate openapi.generator.maven.plugin.apisToGenerate A comma separated list of apis to generate. All apis is the default.
generateModels openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateModels generate the models (true by default). Specific models may be defined as a CSV via modelsToGenerate.
modelsToGenerate openapi.generator.maven.plugin.modelsToGenerate A comma separated list of models to generate. All models is the default.
generateSupportingFiles openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateSupportingFiles generate the supporting files (true by default)
supportingFilesToGenerate openapi.generator.maven.plugin.supportingFilesToGenerate A comma separated list of supporting files to generate. All files is the default.
generateModelTests openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateModelTests generate the model tests (true by default. Only available if generateModels is true)
generateModelDocumentation openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateModelDocumentation generate the model documentation (true by default. Only available if generateModels is true)
generateApiTests openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateApiTests generate the api tests (true by default. Only available if generateApis is true)
generateApiDocumentation openapi.generator.maven.plugin.generateApiDocumentation generate the api documentation (true by default. Only available if generateApis is true)
withXml openapi.generator.maven.plugin.withXml enable XML annotations inside the generated models and API (only works with Java language and libraries that provide support for JSON and XML)
skip codegen.skip skip code generation (false by default. Can also be set globally through the codegen.skip property)
skipIfSpecIsUnchanged codegen.skipIfSpecIsUnchanged Skip the execution if the source file is older than the output folder (false by default. Can also be set globally through the codegen.skipIfSpecIsUnchanged property)
addCompileSourceRoot openapi.generator.maven.plugin.addCompileSourceRoot Add the output directory to the project as a source root, so that the generated java types are compiled and included in the project artifact (true by default). Mutually exclusive with addTestCompileSourceRoot.
addTestCompileSourceRoot openapi.generator.maven.plugin.addTestCompileSourceRoot Add the output directory to the project as a test source root, so that the generated java types are compiled only for the test classpath of the project (false by default). Mutually exclusive with addCompileSourceRoot.
environmentVariables N/A A map of items conceptually similar to "environment variables" or "system properties". These are merged into a map of global settings available to all aspects of the generation flow. Use this map for any options documented elsewhere as systemProperties.
configHelp codegen.configHelp dumps the configuration help for the specified library (generates no sources)

For the spring generator, the additional configuration options are:

Option Description
sortParamsByRequiredFlag Sort method arguments to place required parameters before optional parameters. (Default: true)
sortModelPropertiesByRequiredFlag Sort model properties to place required parameters before optional parameters. (Default: true)
ensureUniqueParams Whether to ensure parameter names are unique in an operation (rename parameters that are not). (Default: true)
allowUnicodeIdentifiers boolean, toggles whether unicode identifiers are allowed in names or not, default is false (Default: false)
prependFormOrBodyParameters Add form or body parameters to the beginning of the parameter list. (Default: false)
modelPackage package for generated models (Default: org.openapitools.model)
apiPackage package for generated api classes (Default: org.openapitools.api)
invokerPackage root package for generated code (Default: org.openapitools.api)
groupId groupId in generated pom.xml (Default: org.openapitools)
artifactId artifactId in generated pom.xml. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename (Default: openapi-spring)
artifactVersion artifact version in generated pom.xml. This also becomes part of the generated library's filename (Default: 1.0.0)
artifactUrl artifact URL in generated pom.xml (Default:
artifactDescription artifact description in generated pom.xml (Default: OpenAPI Java)
scmConnection SCM connection in generated pom.xml (Default:
scmDeveloperConnection SCM developer connection in generated pom.xml (Default:
scmUrl SCM URL in generated pom.xml (Default:
developerName developer name in generated pom.xml (Default: OpenAPI-Generator Contributors)
developerEmail developer email in generated pom.xml (Default:
developerOrganization developer organization in generated pom.xml (Default:
developerOrganizationUrl developer organization URL in generated pom.xml (Default:
licenseName The name of the license (Default: Unlicense)
licenseUrl The URL of the license (Default:
sourceFolder source folder for generated code (Default: src/main/java)
serializableModel boolean - toggle "implements Serializable" for generated models (Default: false)
bigDecimalAsString Treat BigDecimal values as Strings to avoid precision loss. (Default: false)
fullJavaUtil whether to use fully qualified name for classes under java.util. This option only works for Java API client (Default: false)
hideGenerationTimestamp Hides the generation timestamp when files are generated. (Default: false)
withXml whether to include support for application/xml content type and include XML annotations in the model (works with libraries that provide support for JSON and XML) (Default: false)
dateLibrary Option. Date library to use (Default: threetenbp)
joda - Joda (for legacy app only)
legacy - Legacy java.util.Date (if you really have a good reason not to use threetenbp
java8-localdatetime - Java 8 using LocalDateTime (for legacy app only)
java8 - Java 8 native JSR310 (preferred for jdk 1.8+) - note: this also sets "java8" to true
threetenbp - Backport of JSR310 (preferred for jdk < 1.8)
java8 Option. Use Java8 classes instead of third party equivalents (Default: false)
true - Use Java 8 classes such as Base64. Use java8 default interface when a responseWrapper is used
false - Various third party libraries as needed
disableHtmlEscaping Disable HTML escaping of JSON strings when using gson (needed to avoid problems with byte[] fields) (Default: false)
booleanGetterPrefix Set booleanGetterPrefix (Default: get)
additionalModelTypeAnnotations Additional annotations for model type(class level annotations)
parentGroupId parent groupId in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect
parentArtifactId parent artifactId in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect
parentVersion parent version in generated pom N.B. parentGroupId, parentArtifactId and parentVersion must all be specified for any of them to take effect
snapshotVersion Uses a SNAPSHOT version. true - Use a SnapShot Versionfalse - Use a Release Version
title server title name or client service name (Default: OpenAPI Spring)
configPackage configuration package for generated code (Default: org.openapitools.configuration)
basePackage base package (invokerPackage) for generated code (Default: org.openapitools)
interfaceOnly Whether to generate only API interface stubs without the server files. (Default: false)
delegatePattern Whether to generate the server files using the delegate pattern (Default: false)
singleContentTypes Whether to select only one produces/consumes content-type by operation. (Default: false)
skipDefaultInterface Whether to generate default implementations for java8 interfaces (Default: false)
async use async Callable controllers (Default: false)
reactive wrap responses in Mono/Flux Reactor types (spring-boot only) (Default: false)
responseWrapper wrap the responses in given type (Future, Callable, CompletableFuture,ListenableFuture, DeferredResult, HystrixCommand, RxObservable, RxSingle or fully qualified type)
virtualService Generates the virtual service. For more details refer - (Default: false)
useTags use tags for creating interface and controller classnames (Default: false)
useBeanValidation Use BeanValidation API annotations (Default: true)
performBeanValidation Use Bean Validation Impl. to perform BeanValidation (Default: false)
useClassLevelBeanValidation Adds @Validated annotation to API interfaces (Default: false)
useLombokAnnotations Use Lombok annotations to generate properties accessors and hashCode/equals methods (Default: false)
addServletRequest Adds ServletRequest objects to API method definitions (Default: false)
addBindingResult Adds BindingResult to Api method definitions' request bodies if UseBeanValidation true, for this to be effective you must configure UseBeanValidation, this is not done automatically (Default: false)
implicitHeaders Skip header parameters in the generated API methods using @ApiImplicitParams annotation. (Default: false)
swaggerDocketConfig Generate Spring OpenAPI Docket configuration class. (Default: false)
apiFirst Generate the API from the OAI spec at server compile time (API first approach) (Default: false)
useOptional Use Optional container for optional parameters (Default: false)
hateoas Use Spring HATEOAS library to allow adding HATEOAS links (Default: false)
returnSuccessCode Generated server returns 2xx code (Default: false)
unhandledException Declare operation methods to throw a generic exception and allow unhandled exceptions (useful for Spring @ControllerAdvice directives). (Default: false)
library library template (sub-template) (Default: spring-boot)
spring-boot - Spring-boot Server application using the SpringFox integration.
spring-mvc - Spring-MVC Server application using the SpringFox integration.
spring-cloud - Spring-Cloud-Feign client with Spring-Boot auto-configured settings.