Using EnOS Service SDK for Java

This article instructs how to prepare your development environment to use the EnOS Service SDK for Java.

Installing Java JDK SE

To use the EnOS Service SDK for Java, you will need Java SE 8.

Installing Maven

For EnOS Service SDK for Java, we recommend you to use Maven 3.

Obtaining EnOS Service SDK for Java

You can obtain the EnOS Service SDK through the following methods:

  • Include the project as a dependency in your Maven project
  • Download the source code by cloning this repo and build on your machine

Including Dependency in Maven Project

This is the recommended method of including the EnOS Service SDK for Java in your project.

  • Navigate to, search for com.envisioniot.enos and take note of the latest version number (or the version number of whichever version of the sdk you want to use).

  • In your main pom.xml file, add the EnOS Service SDK for Java as a dependency as follows:

        <!--You might need to change the version number as you need.-->

Building from Source Code

  • Get a copy of the EnOS Service SDK for Java from master branch of the GitHub (current repo). You should fetch a copy of the source from the master branch of the GitHub repository:

    git clone
  • When you have obtained a copy of the source, you can build the SDK for Java.

Key Features

The EnOS Service SDK for Java supports the following functions:

  • Generating API request signature automatically
  • Assembling API request URL
  • Parsing API response
  • Open API services, including device connection service, model service, asset service, data service, and common file service.

API Reference

To access the EnOS API documentation, go to EnOS API > API Documents in the EnOS Console. Summary of APIs is displayed in tables by API service categories. Click the More icon for each API to view details, including API function, calling method, requesting URL, parameter description, calling sample, and response sample.

Sample Code

The following sample code is for creating a product using the EnOS Service SDK for Java.

import com.envisioniot.enos.enosapi.api.request.connectservice.CreateProductRequest;
import com.envisioniot.enos.enosapi.api.resource.connectservice.Product;
import com.envisioniot.enos.enosapi.common.exception.EnOSApiException;
import com.envisioniot.enos.enosapi.common.response.EnOSResponse;
import com.envisioniot.enos.enosapi.sdk.client.EnOSDefaultClient;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    String serverUrl = "xxx";
    String accessKey = "xxx";
    String secretKey = "xxx";
    int connectTimeout = 5000;
    int readTimeout = 5000;
    EnOSDefaultClient client = new EnOSDefaultClient(serverUrl, accessKey,secretKey,connectTimeout,readTimeout);
    Product product = new Product();
    CreateProductRequest request = new CreateProductRequest(orgId, product);
    try {
        EnOSResponse response = client.defaultClient().execute(request);
    } catch (EnOSApiException e) {