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Dsm for java is an open source java library for Synology DSM Api, it's basically a wrapper for the API. you can find all information about the api here available for developers who want's to know how the api works.

If you find yourself on this page, it means that you have a java project and you need to communicate with your Nas Synology. This wrapper can be a great startup for that. I am trying to build the most complete wrapper for synology. You are welcome if you want to help me, I will be greatfull.


This project is written in java 8. you can only use it in a project that uses java 8 and above. if you want to use it in any environment, make sure you the right JVM installed on the machine.

##Integration tests

Most of the tests need an actual Synology Nas. Make sure you have the Synology in the same network as your server, or set a DDNS to access your synology easily from internet. Look at this official tutorial : How to make Synology NAS accessible over the Internet Don't forget to use the firewall to restrict unknown ip from accessing your portal.

you have to define an environment file in your resource in which you have to put this lines :


How to use it

add the maven repository to your pom.xml


##Basic usage

    DsmAuth auth = DsmAuth.fromResource("");
    DsmFileStationClient client = DsmFileStationClient.login(auth);
    //get the list of all folders in a ROOT_FOLDER = /homes
    Response<DsmListFolderResponse> response =;


you can create an auth object in different ways

    DsmAuth auth = DsmAuth.fromResource("");


    DsmAuth dsmAuth = DsmAuth.fromFile(file);


    DsmAuth dsmAuth = DsmAuth.of(host, port, username, password);

Non blocking usage

Some features are non-blocking you have to start the request and then check the status before getting the result

            Response<DsmDeleteResponse> deleteResponse = client.advancedDelete()

            Response<DsmDeleteResponse> statusResponse = client.advancedDelete()

// you can stop the request if you don't want the result anymore



FileStation features

Feature API method Description
Login session SYNO.API.Auth login Login to synology dsm
Logout session SYNO.API.Auth logout Logout
List all shared folders SYNO.FileStation.List list_share List all shared folders, and get detailed file information
List of folders/files SYNO.FileStation.List list Enumerate files in a shared folder, and get detailed file information
upload file SYNO.FileStation.Upload upload Upload content to the cloud.
Download files SYNO.FileStation.Download download Download files/folders. If only one file is specified, the file content is responded. If more than one file/folder is given, binary content in ZIP format which they are compressed to is responded.
Delete a file or folder SYNO.FileStation.Delete delete Delete file synchoniously
Delete a file or folder SYNO.FileStation.Delete start/status/stop Delete file asynchoniously, non-blocking method
Rename a file or folder SYNO.FileStation.Rename rename rename files or folders
Copy or move file/folder SYNO.FileStation.CopyMove start/status/stop copy or move folder or file asynchroniously
Create folder SYNO.FileStation.CreateFolder create Create new Folder
Favorite to file/folder SYNO.FileStation.Favorite add,edit,delete, replace, clrear add favorite on folder or file
Share file of folder SYNO.FileStation.Sharing create,edit,delete, info, clear_invalid Share a file of folder ans get a link
Get file or folder size SYNO.FileStation.DirSize start/status/stop get the size of file or folder
Search for file of folder SYNO.FileStation.Search start/list/stop look for file or folder and get all informations

If you don't know how to use the methods, feel free to look at the tests, i always make sure to use the methods in different ways in the tests.

##RoadMap I will be completing new methods regularely

  • Adding rest of methods for FileStation : Thumb, VirtualFolder, MD5, CheckPermission, Extract, Compress, BackgroundTask
  • Adding features for DownloadStation
  • Adding features for AudioStation

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details