Java Business Data Types



For a description of the rationale behind these classes, see , and for an even more high-level introduction, which also talks about the problems with scientific data: .

This collection of data types was developed for a particular application, for which the code is unfortunately no longer available. Among other things, it supported some 200 currencies, obtaining conversion rates in real time from a currency conversion web site.

Maven Central

This code should be regarded more as a framework, and the user will almost certainly have to add methods as s/he develops his/her project. Look at to get a flavour for how these methods are to be used.

This artifact has been added to Maven mainly to allow data types in (which see) to be resolved.

Note that Monetary is different from MPrice, as in the real world - they both have currency and amount, but they have slightly different attributes and methods. Also, PCPrice (PerCent Price) is different from MPrice (Monetary Price).