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A general programming library in Java/Android. It's easy to learn and simple to use with concise and powerful APIs.

Splitted into four projects: abacus-util, abacus-jdbc, abacus-da, abacus-android since 1.8.2.

Functional Programming:

(It's very important to learn Lambdas and Stream APIs in Java 8 to get the best user experiences with the APIs provided in AbacusUtil)

What's New in Java 8

An introduction to the library

When to use parallel streams

Top Java 8 stream questions on stackoverflow

Kotlin vs Java 8 on Collection

User Guide:

Please refer to Wiki, Introduction to JDBC, Programming in JDBC/DB with JdbcUtil/PreparedQuery/SQLExecutor/Dao/Mapper.

Recommended Java programming libraries/frameworks:

lombok, Guava, Abacus-StreamEx, Kyro, snappy-java, lz4-java, Caffeine, Ehcache, Chronicle-Map, echarts, Chartjs, Highcharts, Apache POI/easyexcel, mapstruct, Sharding-JDBC, hppc, fastutil ...awesome-java

Recommended Java programming tools:

Spotbugs, JaCoCo...