Rules for the Resolution Rules plugin



Gradle Resolution Rules

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Rules for the Gradle Resolution Rules plugin.

This project includes rules for libraries available in Maven Central.

Using the rules

Add a dependency on this project to apply the rules to the project:

dependencies {
    resolutionRules ''

The artifact is available on Bintray, JCenter and Maven Central.

Included rules

Refer to the JSON files in src/main/resources for details of the included rules. Optional rules are documented below.

Optional rules

Optional rules can be enabled by adding the name of the rule set to the list of optional rules:

nebulaResolutionRules {
    optional = ['slf4j-bridge']
Rule Set Name Description
slf4j-bridge Replaces concrete logging implementations with SLF4J bridges
spring-boot-log4j2 Excludes concrete logging implementations that conflict with the Spring Boot Log4J starter

Contributing Rules

Contributions are more than welcome, however please keep these guidelines in mind when submitting a pull request:

  • Default rules are intended to offer correctness. For example, a rule that tells Gradle that Google Collections was replaced by Guava provides correctness, as it causes those libraries with overlapping classes to conflict resolve
  • Optional rules are intended for rules that might cause problems due to edge cases, or provide a useful opinion. For instance, replacing Log4J with the SLF4J bridge is an opinion, but useful and correct when using SLF4J
  • Opinions that prefer one library over another, when it's not a compatible replacement (see 'correctness' above) are not suitable rules for this project
  • Rules should be for libraries in commonly used, public repositories, that have broad use. For esoteric use cases, we recommend publishing your own rules using the Producing rules instructions.


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