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Laminar is a small library that lets you build web application interfaces, keeping UI state in sync with the underlying application state. Its simple yet expressive patterns build on a rock solid foundation of Airstream observables and the Scala.js platform.

"com.raquo" %%% "laminar" % "0.11.0"   // Scala.js 1.x only 

Where Are The Docs and Everything?


Sales pitch, quick start, documentation, live examples, and other resources, all there.


Huge thanks to our sponsors who support Laminar development with their generous donations.

GOLD Sponsors:

Iurii Malchenko

Laminar is sponsored by people like you. If you enjoy using Laminar, please consider supporting the project. 🙏


Nikita Gazarov – @raquo


Laminar is provided under the MIT license.