This is an addon to DSpace to mint and list persistent identifiers enduring the submission of new items.



The Library Code GmbH

Persistent identifiers enduring Submission

This is an addition to DSpace (on github @DSpace/DSpace) to show persistent identifiers enduring the submission of any new item. It currently supports DSpace's JSPUI in version 5.8 only, but it should be simple to be ported to XMLUI or DSpace's version 6.x. If you need help porting it, please don't hesitate to contact The Library Code.

Contributors and License

DSpace source code is freely available under a standard BSD 3-Clause license, so is the source code of this addon. The full license is available at

This addion was developped by The Library Code with the support of Technische Universität Hamburg.


We will add one branch per supported version. Currently DSpace 5.8 is the only supported version yet: dspace-5.8-addition.