A Clojure library for easily validating credit card numbers




A Clojure library for validating credit card numbers.

The basics

Credit card numbers follow a pattern that makes it easy to check whether a particular number is valid. This helps you verify whether, for example, a customer placing an online order may have entered their credit card details incorrectly. Validating the number on the spot is much easier and less resource intensive than verifying the number with the financial institution.

The algorithm used for credit card numbers is known as the Luhn algorithm. In the Luhn algorithm, the last digit is what's known as a checksum digit -- it's computed based on all the other digits, and tells you whether the number is valid.

An example

In the number 4242424242424242 (which is a valid credit card number), the final 2 is the checksum digit. If you were to change or switch around any of the digits before it, the checksum digit would be unlikely to be a 2.

This library works by computing the checksum digit for all but the last digit of a number, and testing the last digit against the computed checksum.


[diegoescala/validate-credit-card "1.0.0"]

;; In your ns statement:
(ns my.ns
  (:require [validate-credit-card.core :refer :all]))

Validate a credit card!

(valid? "4242424242424242")

Generate a Luhn checksum digit

(compute-checksum "424242424242424")


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