An extendable autolinking library

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An extendable autolinking library

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Under the impression that it is nearly impossible to write a robust autolinker without parsing the input text to a dom tree, i’ve written an autolinker that uses Jsoup to build trees and proccess them in a way that new types of links can easily be added.

The core service of this project is the AutoLinkService which uses several AutoLinkers to add links to arbitrary text. 3 autolinkers (URLs, E-Mail adresses and Twitter Handles) are build in.

The project is a ready to use configured maven project and has nearly 100% test coverage.


Since version 0.1.1 this project is Java 8 only.

Since version 0.2.1 this project is Java 10+ only. In addition, it uses Spring Boots dependency management.

Since version 0.3.1 I have changed the API of AutoLinkService and removed Optional<> as input parameter as suggested by various people (Joshua Bloch, Simon Harrer and others).



public static void main(String... args) {
	// Instantiate AutoLinkService using all available autolinkers
	final AutoLinkService autoLinkService = new AutoLinkService(Arrays.asList(
		new EmailAddressAutoLinker(true, true),
		new TwitterUserAutoLinker(),
		new UrlAutoLinker(30)
	// Autolink stuff
	System.out.println(autoLinkService.addLinks("Maybe there's a link to @rotnroll666", Optional.empty()));

or have a look at the test code.

The AutoLinkService can be easily registered as a

As a Spring bean

public AutoLinkService autoLinkService(
  @Value("${dailyfratze.emailAddressAutoLinker.hexEncodeEmailAddress:true}") boolean hexEncodeEmailAddress,
  @Value("${dailyfratze.emailAddressAutoLinker.obfuscateEmailAddress:true}") boolean obfuscateEmailAddress,
  @Value("${dailyfratze.urlAutoLinker.maxLabelLength:30}") int maxLabelLength
) {
  return new AutoLinkService(Arrays.asList(
  		new EmailAddressAutoLinker(hexEncodeEmailAddress, obfuscateEmailAddress),
  		new TwitterUserAutoLinker(),
  		new UrlAutoLinker(maxLabelLength)

I assume you know what you’re doing with Spring, so i don’t explain that further.

Enjoy and if you find that library usefull, drop me a line or star it. Thanks.