GridScale is a scala library for accessing various file and batch system. For the time being it supports:

  • Glite / EMI, the European grid middleware,
  • Remote SSH server,
  • PBS clusters,
  • SLURM clusters,
  • SGE clusters,
  • OAR clusters,
  • Condor flocks
  • HTTP file lists,
  • DIRAC job pilot system.


GridScale is licenced under the GNU Affero GPLv3 software licence. 


GridScale builds with sbt.
Use the compile and/or package task to build all the modules.


In order to use gridscale you should import the folowing namespaces:

import fr.iscpif.gridscale._


GridScale is cross compiled against serveral versions of scala. To use on of its modules add a dependency like:

libraryDependencies += "fr.iscpif.gridscale" %% "gridscalepbs" % version


Up to date examples are available in the example directory.
Standalone runnable jars can be generated for each example with the one-jar task (please note that this can only be done after the task package has been run.


GridScale can be generated locally using: sbt publish-local

To release in one step, use: sbt 'release with-defaults'