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This repository contains the source code of the Modular Open Source Identity Platform. To know more about MOSIP, its architecture, external integrations, releases, etc., please check the Platform Documentation


MOSIP consists of the following modules -

  1. Kernel - The Kernel module provides a bedrock to build and run services by providing several significant necessary technical functions. It contains common functionalities which are used by more than one module.
  2. Pre-Registration - Pre-Registration module enables individuals to book appointments in a registration centre, by providing basic demographic details.
  3. Registration - Registration module provides a desktop application for Registration Officers/Supervisors to register an individual in MOSIP, by capturing their demographic and biometric details.
  4. Registration Processor - Registration Processor validates and processes an individual's data received from the registration module, and eventually generates a UIN (Unique Identification Number) for the individual.
  5. ID Repository - The ID Repository module acts as a repository of individual's data along with UIN mapped.
  6. ID Authentication - ID Authentication module enables a Partner to authenticate an individual.


The following commands should be run in the parent project to build all the modules - mvn clean install The above command can be used to build individual modules when run in their respective folders


The following command should be executed to run any service locally in specific profile and local configurations - java<profile> -jar <jar-name>.jar

The following command should be executed to run any service locally in specific profile and remote configurations - java<profile><config-url><config-label> -jar <jar-name>.jar

The following command should be executed to run a docker image - docker run -it -p <host-port>:<container-port> -e active_profile_env={profile} -e spring_config_label_env= {branch} -e spring_config_url_env={config_server_url} <docker-registry-IP:docker-registry-port/<dcker-image>


All the configurations used by the codebase in mosip-platform is present in mosip-config repository.

Functional Test-cases

Functional tests run against the codebase in mosip-platform is present in mosip-functional-tests repository.


Relevant documents to get started with MOSIP can be found in mosip-docs repository. In order to get started, please refer to the Getting-Started guide.


Automated scripts to build and deploy MOSIP modules are present in mosip-infra repository.


You can contribute to MOSIP!

We want to engage constructively with the community. If you find a vulnerability or issue, please file a bug with the respective repository. We welcome pull requests with fixes too. Please see the Contributor Guide on how to file bugs, contribute code, and more.


This project is licensed under the terms of Mozilla Public License 2.0


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