Module for replaying Rest API endpoint on Twitters Diffy



Diffy Replayer

Module for replaying Rest API endpoint with Twitter's Diffy.

Diffy is a tool that lets you execute GET requests between two servers, in general one of them is your production server and the other one is the "candidate" server that contains the new code that will be tested. Diffy multicasts the requests that it receives into both servers, compares the responses and displays on a dashboard if any differences were found.

Here at we use to certify our different micro services.

What is Diffy Replayer?

Diffy Replayer is the module we use to intercept request made to our production JAVA Restful servers and replay them through Twitter's Diffy.
Set up is pretty straightforward:

That is all, once deployed queries to the specified endpoint will be sent to Diffy Server!

Take a look at the Wiki for more information about configuration.