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Spring IO Platform

Spring IO brings together the core Spring APIs into a cohesive and versioned foundational Platform for modern applications. On top of this foundation it also provides domain-specific runtimes (DSRs) optimized for specific application types. Please see the Spring IO Platform website for more information.

Using the Platform

How you use the platform depends on whether you're using Maven or Gradle to build your application.

Using the Platform with Maven

The Platform provides a pom file that you can either import into your application's pom, or use as your application's parent pom. Please refer to the [documentation on using the Platform with Maven] Platform Maven docs for more information.

Using the Platform With Gradle

Thanks to the dependency management plugin, Gradle users can also make use of the Platform's pom. Please refer to the documentation on using the Platform with Gradle for more information.


Contributors to this project agree to uphold its code of conduct. Pull requests are welcome. Please see the contributor guidelines for details.


Spring IO Platform is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License.