Eclipse Vorto Mapping Engine converts device data to Vorto compliant data and vice versa

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Eclipse Vorto allows device manufacturers to easily describe device functionality and characteristics as Device Information Models and share & manage them in a central Vorto Repository. Vorto provides convenient SDKs for IoT Device Developers to easily integrate devices into IoT solutions.

Getting Started with Vorto

Read here

Vorto Examples

Check out a the Vorto Example Code that leverages Vorto Models and Vorto libraries.

Repository Plugin SDK

The Repository Plugin SDK helps you build and deploy various extensions to the Vorto Repository:

Code Generator Plugin Learn how to write your own generator and deploy and hook it into the Vorto Repository as a (micro) service Read more
Importer Plugin Importers convert device descriptions from other formats to the Vorto language. Learn how to write such an importer plugin and run and hook it into the Vorto Repository. Read more

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When you create a Pull Request, make sure:

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