Presents a user agreement to users.



Eureka! Clinical User Agreement Webapp

Georgia Clinical and Translational Science Alliance (Georgia CTSA), Emory University, Atlanta, GA

What does it do?

It provides web pages for users to sign user agreements and for administrators to create and update a user agreement. It also implements a proxy servlet and router for web clients to access the web services provided by eurekaclinical-user-agreement-service.

Version 3.0 development series

Latest release: Latest release

Version history

Version 2.0

Updates dependencies and improves performance.

Version 1.1

The version 1 series implements the proxy for eurekaclinical-user-agreement-service. It also provides basic screens for signing agreements, creating agreements and updating agreements.

Build requirements

Runtime requirements

Proxied REST APIs

You can call all of eurekaclinical-user-agreement-service's REST APIs through the proxy. Replace /protected/api with /proxy-resource. The point of doing this is for web clients -- you can deploy the webapp on the same server as web client, and deploy the service on a separate server.

Building it

The project uses the maven build tool. Typically, you build it by invoking mvn clean install at the command line. For simple file changes, not additions or deletions, you can usually use mvn install. See!-Clinical-projects for more details.

Performing system tests

You can run this project in an embedded tomcat by executing mvn process-resources cargo:run -Ptomcat after you have built it. It will be accessible in your web browser at https://localhost:8443/eurekaclinical-user-agreement-webapp/. Your username will be superuser.



This webapp is configured using a properties file located at /etc/ec-user-agreement/ It supports the following properties:

A Tomcat restart is required to detect any changes to the configuration file.

WAR installation

  1. Stop Tomcat.
  2. Remove any old copies of the unpacked war from Tomcat's webapps directory.
  3. Copy the warfile into the Tomcat webapps directory, renaming it to remove the version. For example, rename eurekaclinical-user-agreement-webapp-1.0.war to eurekaclinical-user-agreement-webapp.war.
  4. Start Tomcat.

Maven dependency


Developer documentation

Getting help

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