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This repository contains all the Kevoree Java core, api and tooling.

Kevoree Java Runtime

Current dev version that only works with is 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT


mkdir -p /tmp/kevoree
cd /tmp/kevoree
wget\&g=org.kevoree\&\&v=LATEST -O kevoree.jar


java -jar kevoree.jar

⚠️ Note that you need to make your .kevoree/config.json point to the new Kevoree registry available at for dev version 5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

Usage with Docker

Maybe the easiest way to get started with Kevoree is to use the Docker image: kevoree/java:5.5.0-SNAPSHOT

docker run -it -v /tmp/main.kevs:/tmp/main.kevs kevoree/java:5.5.0-SNAPSHOT -Dnode.bootstrap=/tmp/main.kevs

In the example above we are starting a Docker container using the kevoree/java:5.5.0-SNAPSHOT image.
We are mounting a local KevScript file (in /tmp/main.kevs to the same location in the container) and we are telling Kevoree to use it to bootstrap with -Dnode.bootstrap=/tmp/main.kevs.
We are also by-passing the default (ie. to point to the new one at

Usage with Maven

POM file inheriting

If you want to create your own Kevoree component, node, group or channel you can use the starter-parent artefact:


Manual dependencies management

You can also create your own pom.xml from scratch without using any <parent> like so:

<project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

	<name>YourGroupId :: MyKevoreeComp</name>



			<!-- Kevoree plugins -->


2. Standard Library documentation

> Standard libraries repository