A backward compatibility package for PIAX



PIAX - A Distributed Computing Framework

What is PIAX?

PIAX is a middleware for P2P distributed computing. By using PIAX core transport mechanism, you can write programs that utilize discovery features of overlays. PIAX also provides a mobile agent-based programming framework. You can write distributed programs that interact each other by using remote procedure calls among mobile agents.

Structure of the software

The structure of PIAX is as follows:

  • 'piax-gtrans' - Core modules of GTrans.
  • 'piax-agent' - PIAX Agent modules.
  • 'piax-dht' - A DHT implementation on PIAX.
  • 'piax-gtrans-dtn' - Modules related to DTN, AdHoc and Bluetooth (experimental).
  • 'piax-samples' - Some simple samples of GTrans and PIAX Agents.
  • 'piax-shell' - A command-line application to demonstrate PIAX Agents.

Build from sources

cd into cloned source directory and mvn -Dmaven.test.skip=true clean package. Of course you can do tests by eliminating -Dmaven.test.skip=true (it takes a while).

Maven build settings

PIAX artifacts are available on Maven Central Repository. You can build your program using maven by following settings.

PIAX GTrans:

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PIAX Agent:

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