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Status: Alpha.

The current codebase has basic feature parity with v2.x, together with the changes proposed in merged RFCs. There is a simple webpack-based setup with Single-File Component support available here.

Please note that there could still be undocumented behavior inconsistencies with 2.x. When you run into such a case, please make sure to first check if the behavior difference has already been proposed in an existing RFC. If the inconsistency is not part of an RFC, then it's likely unintended, and an issue should be opened (please make sure to use the issue helper when opening new issues).

TODOs as of 3.0.0-alpha.5

  • Suspense support in SSR
  • SSR Hydration mismatch handling
  • SSR vnode directive support
  • SSR integration tests
  • 2.x compatible async component support

Known Issues

  • There is currently no way to attach custom instance properties via Vue.prototype.

  • The current implementation requires native ES2015+ in the runtime environment and does not support IE11 (yet).


See Contributing Guide.