OAuth2 workflow for Friend ( (Bug reports/contributions welcome!)




Current version on clojars:

[friend-oauth2 "0.1.3"]

friend-oauth2 is an oauth2 workflow for Friend.

Working examples have been implemented for's OAuth2, Facebook's server-side authentication, and Github's OAuth2.

Installation and Usage

Please see the detailed documentation in the wiki that pjlegato wrote for details on configuration.

For some more examples, please check out the friend-oauth2 examples. Also please refer to the Friend README.

Check out the ring-app handlers in the examples for some other examples of how authentication and authorization routes are set up per Friend's config.


Bug reports and pull requests are most welcome. There are outstanding issues that I could use development help with if you are interested in contributing. If you find a critical bug I will do my best to take care of it quickly, and of course in this case as well a pull request is most welcome.

friend-oauth2 uses Midje ( for testing. You can run all the tests by starting up a repl, running use 'midje.repl and running autotest, or run lein midje :autotest on the command line.


Distributed under the MIT License (