Simple configurable session timeout modified.

meteor add jgutierrez:session-timeout@=0.0.1_3



A simple meteorite package to give you session timeouts.

Minimum Version



In your json settings file, you can add the following two options

inactivityTimeout - This is the number of milliseconds a user has of inactivity before being forcibly logged out. It defaults to 900000 (15 minutes).

purgeInterval - This is the number of milliseconds that the package will use in a setInterval to purge all inactive sessions from Meteor. It defaults to 60000 (1 minute)

sessionTimeoutQuery - A MongoDB query object restricting the set of users affected by session timeout functionality with a MongoDB query.

How it Works

On the server

The server uses a mongo collection named "session_timeout" to store the timeouts of user sessions.

There is also a method exposed called session_heartbeat that is used to update the timeout values of those sessions.

Finally we periodically check those sessions for all users and if we find any that are expired we destroy all of that users login tokens. That is done because there isn't really a better way to force a user out of Meteor at this time.

On the client

The client does two things. First, it watches the services.resume.forceLogout value in Meteor.users collection. When it changes to a value evaluated to true, the user is logged out. By default, the user is logged out by Meteor.logout method. However, you can override Meteor.forcedLogout method to implement custom logout logic.

Second, we set a timer to check and see if there is mouse movement happening anywhere in the application. If there is we call the heartbeat method. We then remove the event listeners and whatnot for the next time the timer fires.