Fork of okgrow:analytics with only google-analytics, facebook-pixel, and segmentio integrations.

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meteor add ldk:analytics@=2.0.0


Complete analytics integration for Meteor

Use one API thanks to Segment.io's analytics.js to record and send your data from your Meteor app to your analytics platforms.

Pre Meteor 1.3.1

For Meteor Apps older than v1.3.1, please use v1.0.9 of this package. Going forward this package will officially only be supporting Meteor Apps >= v1.3.1


> meteor add okgrow:analytics

Currently Supported Analytic Services

  • Amplitude
  • Chartbeat
  • comScore
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Intercom
  • Keen IO
  • KISSmetrics
  • Mixpanel
  • Quantcast
  • Segment.io


Whilst running your Meteor App in "development mode" any ad-blocking web-browser extensions may block the entire "okgrow:analytics" package. This occurs due to the word "analytics" being used in the package name.

Please note this only occurs when running Meteor in "development mode" due to the files not being bundled together and minified. To work around this issue you can disable your ad-blocker whilst developing.

To test that your application runs whilst an ad-blocker is enabled you can run your Meteor app with the following command:

meteor run --production --settings settings.json

NOTE: If an Adblocker is enabled the expected behaviour is that your analytic events will not be received. You will see an error message in your console reporting the events being blocked.


Add various platforms by adding each tool's configuration to your settings.json file:

  "public": {
    "analyticsSettings": {
      // Add your analytics tracking ids here (remove this line before running)
      "Google Analytics" : {"trackingId": "Your tracking ID"},
      "Amplitude"        : {"apiKey": "..."},
      "Chartbeat"        : {"uid": "..."},
      "comScore"         : {"c2": "..."},
      "HubSpot"          : {"portalId": "..."},
      "Intercom"         : {"appId": "..."},
      "Keen IO"          : {"projectId": "...", "writeKey": "..."},
      "KISSmetrics"      : {"apiKey": "..."},
      "Mixpanel"         : {"token":  "...", "people": true},
      "Quantcast"        : {"pCode": "..."},
      "Segment.io"       : {"apiKey": "..."}

It's important to note that service names and API key-names provided above are specific to the platform. Make sure to use the correct service name and key shown for the platform you're adding.

There are other options which we haven't documented here yet, to see them search for your specific integration in this file and look at the options and their defaults that are set with .option(...).

If you use a different service for tracking events or page views and you think it's popular enough that we should add it then please open an issue on the repo and we'll see how many supporters we get. Each additional integration adds a small amount to the file size so we would like to support only the most common ones.

Page views

Compatible with either IronRouter or FlowRouter (even pre-2.0 FlowRouter), this package will log page views automatically. For FlowRouter, the page is logged with the follow parameters:

  • path: path part of the URL
  • title: the page's title, as specified by the route
  • url: hostname + path
  • name: route name if set, otherwise equivalent to path
  • search: the URL's query string, if provided. blank otherwise
  • referrer: hostname + old path, if coming from a previous route

To disable automatic page view tracking change Meteor.settings as shown below then manually log a page view by calling analytics.page('page name'):

  "public": {
    "analyticsSettings": {
      // Disable autorun if you do not want analytics running on every route (remove this line before running)
      "autorun"  : false

Log signin/signout

If you have the accounts package installed, this package will automatically track when a user logs in and logs out. Logging in will call identify on the user and associate their Meteor.userId to their previous anonymous activities.

Event tracking

Add tracking on any event simply by calling the analytics.track() function:

analytics.track("Bought Ticket", {
  eventName: "Wine Tasting",
  couponValue: 50,

Check Segment.io's analytics.js track documentation for a full description of track() and all the other functions available in this package.

Track visitor scrolling

Josh Owens' article, Google Analytics events, goals, and Meteor.js, goes over a great way to capture how far a visitor has scrolled down a page.

Browser Policy

If your project uses the Browser Policy package, we've included the Google Analytics & Mixpanel domains in our browser policy configuration. Any additional services you add will need to be added to your browser policy config as well.

// file: lib/browser-policy.js


If your project doesn't use this package, then don't worry as it will not affect your usage.


When adding your platforms and setting events to track, you'll probably want to keep debug on locally. This will log all the analytics package's activity to the console. In the console: > analytics.debug()

Turn debug off with analytics.debug(false)

Example Iron Router & Flow Router Apps

This repo includes an examples directory containing 2 simple apps using iron router and flow router. These apps can be run from their directory with meteor --settings settings.json.


Released under the MIT license.


Issues and Pull Requests are always welcome. Please read our contribution guidelines.