Meteor accounts in GraphQL

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meteor add nicolaslopezj:apollo-accounts@=2.1.0


Meteor Apollo Accounts

A implementation of Meteor Accounts only in GraphQL with Apollo.

This package uses the Meteor Accounts methods in GraphQL, it's compatible with the accounts you have saved in your database and you may use apollo-accounts and Meteor's DPP accounts at the same time.

Project sponsored by Orion Hosting - Hosting for Meteor


Install on Meteor server

meteor add nicolaslopezj:apollo-accounts
yarn add graphql-loader

Initialize the package.

import {makeExecutableSchema} from 'graphql-tools'
import {loadSchema, getSchema} from 'graphql-loader'
import {initAccounts} from 'meteor/nicolaslopezj:apollo-accounts'
import typeDefs from './schema'
import resolvers from './resolvers'

// Load all accounts related resolvers and type definitions into graphql-loader
  loginWithFacebook: false,
  loginWithGoogle: false,
  loginWithLinkedIn: false,
  loginWithPassword: true

// Load all your resolvers and type definitions into graphql-loader
loadSchema({typeDefs, resolvers})

// Gets all the resolvers and type definitions loaded in graphql-loader
const schema = getSchema()
const executableSchema = makeExecutableSchema(schema)

Install on your apollo app

May or may not be the same app.

npm install meteor-apollo-accounts




Meteor accounts methods, client side only. All methods are promises.


Log the user in with a password.

import { loginWithPassword } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

loginWithPassword({username, email, password}, apollo)
  • username: Optional. The user's username.

  • email: Optional. The user's email.

  • password: The user's password. The library will hash the string before it sends it to the server.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Change the current user's password. Must be logged in.

import { changePassword } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

changePassword({oldPassword, newPassword}, apollo)
  • oldPassword: The user's current password. This is not sent in plain text over the wire.

  • newPassword: A new password for the user. This is not sent in plain text over the wire.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Log the user out.

import { logout } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Create a new user.

import { createUser } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

createUser({username, email, password, profile}, apollo)
  • username: A unique name for this user.

  • email: The user's email address.

  • password: The user's password. This is not sent in plain text over the wire.

  • profile: The profile object based on the UserProfileInput input type.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Marks the user's email address as verified. Logs the user in afterwards.

import { verifyEmail } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

verifyEmail({token}, apollo)
  • token: The token retrieved from the verification URL.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Request a forgot password email.

import { forgotPassword } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

forgotPassword({email}, apollo)
  • email: The email address to send a password reset link.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Reset the password for a user using a token received in email. Logs the user in afterwards.

import { resetPassword } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

resetPassword({newPassword, token}, apollo)
  • newPassword: A new password for the user. This is not sent in plain text over the wire.

  • token: The token retrieved from the reset password URL.

  • apollo: Apollo client instance.


Logins the user with a facebook accessToken

import { loginWithFacebook } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

loginWithFacebook({accessToken}, apollo)


Logins the user with a google accessToken

import { loginWithGoogle } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

loginWithGoogle({accessToken}, apollo)


Register a function to be called when a user is logged in or out.

import { onTokenChange } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

onTokenChange(function () {
  console.log('token did change')


Returns the id of the logged in user.

import { userId } from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

async function () {
  console.log('The user id is:', await userId())

React-Native usage

//First you'll need to import the Storage library that you'll use to store the user details (userId, tokens...),
// AsyncStorage is highly recommended.

import {
} from 'react-native';

import { loginWithPassword, userId, setTokenStore} from 'meteor-apollo-accounts'

// Then you'll have to define a TokenStore for your user data using setTokenStore
// (for instance when your component is mounted):
  set: async function ({userId, token, tokenExpires}) {
    await AsyncStorage.setItem('Meteor.userId', userId)
    await AsyncStorage.setItem('Meteor.loginToken', token)
    // AsyncStorage doesn't support Date type so we'll store it as a String
    await AsyncStorage.setItem('Meteor.loginTokenExpires', tokenExpires.toString())
  get: async function () {
    return {
      userId: await AsyncStorage.getItem('Meteor.userId'),
      token: await AsyncStorage.getItem('Meteor.loginToken'),
      tokenExpires: await AsyncStorage.getItem('Meteor.loginTokenExpires')

// Finally, you'll be able to use asynchronously any method from the library:
async login (event) {

  try {
    const id_ = await loginWithPassword({ "email", "password" }, this.client)
  } catch (error) {