Almost i18n, with standard translations for basic meteor packages.

meteor add softwarerero:accounts-t9n@=1.3.6


Translations for the meteor standard packages (almost i18n)

This package offers translations for accounts-base, accounts-passwords, accounts-entry, accounts-templates-core and billing. Contributions for other packages are welcome. We try to translate only messages that might pop up at a users screen as developers are expected to understand English errors anyway.

Translations are currently available for Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Hong Kong), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estoninan, Farsi, Finish, French, French (Canada), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brasil), Portugues (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (South America), Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Version 2.0.0

The second generation of meteor-accounts-t9n is able to run with npm alone. This means it can even be used with plain Node.js applications, not only within Meteor, see in ./examples/npm how this could work.

When using npm the translation files will no longer be eagerly loaded. Several people asked for this feature to safe bandwidth and it is possible now, this closes #161.

To make it work with npm the files have been translated to JavaScript, so if you use CoffeeScript you can require from the main directory and if you use JavaScript you would import/require from build.

These examples show different use cases:

  • meteorPackage: This is way it has been used in former versions as a meteor package.
  • meteorNpm: Use t9n as npm package within Meteor.


meteor add softwarerero:accounts-t9n

Off course one can easily add translations for applications. By putting a file like in a folder under lib translations can be used on the client and on the server. Example:

es =
  meteor: "meteoro" "es", es


Set a current language for translations:


Get a translation in Javascript:



  • T9n.get('name');
  • T9n.get('store.purchase');
  • T9n.get('error.accounts.User not found');

Get a localized text in a template

{{t9n code}} {{t9n code parameter1='value'}}

Example: {{t9n "store.purchase"}}.

If a translation is not found the key is displayed. To spot not translated keys a prefix and a postfix can surround the key, they default to ">" and "<" so a you would see ">nonExistantKey<". You can change the pre- and postfix:

T9n.missingPrefix = ">" T9n.missingPostfix = "<"

If you use get you can also suppress printing of the prefix and postfix if you set the second parameter to false (it defaults to true). T9n.get code, false

Get a localized text with parameters

Optionally named parameters can be used, naming them allows for repetition.

T9n.get code, true, args


If you define a string in your language file like

'pun': '@{subject} @{predicate} @{adverb} @{object}. Frische @{object} @{predicate} @{subject}.'

and have an object like

args =
  subject: "Fischer's Fritz"
  predicate: 'fischt'
  object: 'Fische'
  adverb: 'frische'

you could call

T9n.get 'pun', true, args

and that should give you

'Fischer's Fritz fischt frische Fische. Frische Fische fischt Fischer's Fritz.'

You must specify the second argument for prefix/postfix too, I am sorry.

Define translations language, yourMap

Example: 'en',
  hello: 'world'
    purchase: 'buy now'
    basket: 'basket'

Tip: If you do not want to expose the reason why a login was unsuccessful for security reasons. They could overwrite the corresponding messages: 'en',
      'User not found': 'Not for you'
      'Incorrect password': 'Not for you'

Language variants (v1.2)

T9n.language = 'en'
equals T9n.get('error.accounts.Incorrect password'), 'Incorrect password' 'en_GB', 'error.accounts.Incorrect password': 'You might want to enter a more correct version of your password'
T9n.language = 'en_GB'
equals T9n.get('error.accounts.Incorrect password'), 'You might want to enter a more correct version of your password'

Starting from (v.1.2.2) you can also do setLanguage('en-GB') and it gets converted internally to 'en_GB'. This is usefull for taking the language string directly from an http header.

#Language codes and contributions

Code Language Contributor(s)
ar Arabic eahefnawy
ca Catalan ixdi
cs Czech mdede
da Danish LarsBuur
de German softwarerero, robhunt3r, sclausen, sarasate
el Greek mutil
es Spanish softwarerero, robhunt3r, PolGuixe, mortaldraw
es_formal Formal spanish softwarerero, robhunt3r, PolGuixe, mortaldraw
es_ES / es-ES Spanish for Spain maomorales, PolGuixe, mortaldraw
es_ES_formal / es-ES Formal spanish for Spain maomorales, PolGuixe, mortaldraw
et Estonian krishaamer
fa Farsi pajooh
fi Finnish xet7
fr French djhi
fr_CA French (Canada) huguesbrunelle
he Hebrew noamyoungerm
hr Croatian tnedich
hu Hungarian balazskiss
id Indonesian hellstad
it Italian splendido
ja Japanese y-ich, exKAZUu
kh Khmer yuomtheara
ko Korean candicom, buo
nl Dutch willemx, louwers
no_NB / no-NB Norwegian bokmål kjetilge
pl Polish pwldp, wareczek, spiotr12
pt Portuguese (Brasil) alanmeira, Tadeu Caldararo
pt_PT / pt-PT Portuguese (Portugal) tdbs
ro Romanian alexhuszar
ru Russian timtch
sk Slovak MartinBucko, aladinko
sl Slovenian alesvaupotic
sv Swedish timbrandin
th Thai Prawee
tr Turkish serkandurusoy
uk Ukrainian SkeLLLa
vi Vietnamese olragon
zh_cn / zh-CN Simplified Chinese laosb
zh_hk / zh-HK Hong Kong Chinese daveeel
zh_tw / zh-TW Taiwan Chinese victorleungtw

Note: "xx" or "xx-XX" is the IETF language tag standard format.

Send only some language files to the client (new in version 1.1.0)

If you have a need to reduce bandwidth you can specify which languages to send to the client by setting an environment variable like T9N_LANGUAGES='es,de'. Now only Spanish and German should go over the wire instead of all translations. With the current package manager this does not work anymore. If you need that functionality delete ~/.meteor/packages/softwarerero_accounts-t9n and instead copy it directly into your project (you can go to myproject/packages and issue git clone Now it should work again.


This package is inspired by subhog's just-i18n and included this as a dependency before version 0.0.3. Sadly the all project versions before 0.0.17 where deleted from Atmosphere when they updated to the new Meteor package format.