An integration with the Drupal Services module

meteor add timbrandin:drupal-services@=1.0.4


Drupal Services Build Status

A server side package for integrating with Drupal via the Services module, and authenticating using the OAuth module.


meteor add timbrandin:drupal-services

Getting started

Read the documentation

Here are some quick instructions on how to use this package to fetch data from Drupal such as nodes, terms, users etc.

Code examples

Some typical service call looks like this, they are called from the server.

if (Meteor.isServer) {
  MySite = new DrupalServices('api');

  // Fetch nodes with node-id 1 and 2.
  var nodes = MySite.get('node', {
    'parameters[nid]': '1,2'

  // Fetch node 1 with all its fields.
  var node = MySite.get('node/1');


  • Open API requests to public resources configured with the Services module.
  • OAuth 3-step login procedure to any Drupal site configured with the OAuth Login Service and using the accounts-drupal package.
  • Signed API (HMAC-SHA1) requests to a configured services in the Services module in any Drupal site.


Feel free to fork, send pull requests and post issues on Github.

  • DONE Refactor package to use OAuth1Binding.
  • DONE Using the package to access open resources without any authorization.
  • DONE Multiple services, connecting to multiple Drupal sites.
  • DONE API documentation.
  • DONE Automatic authorization selection.
  • DONE Some simple basic testing.
  • Configurable authorization (and enable usage of Basic auth).
  • Drupal 8 integration.