Static website generation

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nimble install baker



Sitebaker is a simple static site generator using Python and the proton template engine for templating, and markdown for content.

Quick Start

Install SiteBaker using the following command:

pip install sitebaker

Create the skeleton of a new site by running the following:

baker create mysite

A new directory (mysite) is created, containing a basic directory structure, templates, and a configuration file (site.ini). Edit the site.ini to your requirements, and then run the generate command to test the process:

cd mysite
baker generate

Create a new blog entry, by running the blog command:

baker blog "This is a test post title"

You'll find a new file (this-is-a-test-post-title.text) has been created in the directory: mysite/blog/yyyy/mm/dd/. An RSS xml file has also been created, along with an index.html for the blog dir.