nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.

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nimble install nimjson



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nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents. This was inspired by gojson.


% nim -v
Nim Compiler Version 0.20.0 [Linux: amd64]
Compiled at 2019-06-06
Copyright (c) 2006-2019 by Andreas Rumpf

git hash: e7471cebae2a404f3e4239f199f5a0c422484aac
active boot switches: -d:release

% nimble -v
nimble v0.10.2 compiled at 2019-06-15 22:10:02
git hash: couldn't determine git hash

Usage examples

nimjson writes JNull type if a value or a first value of an array is null. Please fix JNull type yourself.

Large JSON example

% curl -s | nimjson -O:Repository
  Repository = ref object
    id: int64
    node_id: string
    name: string
    full_name: string
    private: bool
    owner: Owner
    html_url: string
    description: string
    fork: bool
    url: string
    forks_url: string
    keys_url: string
    collaborators_url: string
    teams_url: string
    hooks_url: string
    issue_events_url: string
    events_url: string
    assignees_url: string
    branches_url: string
    tags_url: string
    blobs_url: string
    git_tags_url: string
    git_refs_url: string
    trees_url: string
    statuses_url: string
    languages_url: string
    stargazers_url: string
    contributors_url: string
    subscribers_url: string
    subscription_url: string
    commits_url: string
    git_commits_url: string
    comments_url: string
    issue_comment_url: string
    contents_url: string
    compare_url: string
    merges_url: string
    archive_url: string
    downloads_url: string
    issues_url: string
    pulls_url: string
    milestones_url: string
    notifications_url: string
    labels_url: string
    releases_url: string
    deployments_url: string
    created_at: string
    updated_at: string
    pushed_at: string
    git_url: string
    ssh_url: string
    clone_url: string
    svn_url: string
    homepage: string
    size: int64
    stargazers_count: int64
    watchers_count: int64
    language: string
    has_issues: bool
    has_projects: bool
    has_downloads: bool
    has_wiki: bool
    has_pages: bool
    forks_count: int64
    mirror_url: JNull
    archived: bool
    disabled: bool
    open_issues_count: int64
    license: License
    forks: int64
    open_issues: int64
    watchers: int64
    default_branch: string
    network_count: int64
    subscribers_count: int64
  Owner = ref object
    login: string
    id: int64
    node_id: string
    avatar_url: string
    gravatar_id: string
    url: string
    html_url: string
    followers_url: string
    following_url: string
    gists_url: string
    starred_url: string
    subscriptions_url: string
    organizations_url: string
    repos_url: string
    events_url: string
    received_events_url: string
    type: string
    site_admin: bool
  License = ref object
    key: string
    name: string
    spdx_id: string
    url: string
    node_id: string

Simple JSON example

% nimjson examples/primitive.json 
  Object = ref object
    stringField: string
    intField: int64
    floatField: float64
    boolField: bool
    nullField: JNull

% nimjson examples/array.json    
  Object = ref object
    strArray: seq[string]
    intArray: seq[int64]
    floatArray: seq[float64]
    boolArray: seq[bool]
    nullArray: seq[JNull]
    emptyArray: seq[JNull]

% nimjson examples/object.json 
  Object = ref object
    point: Point
    length: int64
    responseCode: string
    debugFlag: bool
    rectangles: seq[Rectangles]
  Point = ref object
    x: float64
    y: float64
  Rectangles = ref object
    width: int64
    height: int64

API usage

import nimjson
import json

echo """{"keyStr":"str", "keyInt":1}""".parseJson().toTypeString()

# Output:
# type
#   Object = ref object
#     keyStr: string
#     keyInt: int64

echo "examples/primitive.json".parseFile().toTypeString("testObject")


nimble install nimjson


nimjson -h

nimjson generates nim object definitions from json documents.

    nimjson [options] [files...]
    nimjson (-h | --help)
    nimjson (-v | --version)

    -h, --help                       Print this help
    -v, --version                    Print version
    -X, --debug                      Debug on
    -o, --out-file:FILE_PATH         Write file path
    -O, --object-name:OBJECT_NAME    Set object type name




Web application of nimjson

I created simple nimjson on web application.

Javascript library of nimjson of the application is generated by this module (nimble js).