Scraping API for ready to integrate with Home Assistant (Hassio)

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nimble install nordnet



Okay, not really an API. Actually not even close to an API. Nordnet wasn't gonna play with me, so this ended up as an oldschool scraper.

The originale purpose to develop a sensor for

What is Nordnet

Nordnet is an online stockbroker with customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It serves stock from around the world. Checkout their website and start trading with a low fee and an excellent UI.

What is this?

Well, this is a simple scraper. You provide the URL to the stock, and this little Nim program provide you with the latest data on the stock.

You can use this library in 3 ways:

  1. Normal library, either by cloning the repo or installing with Nimble
  2. CLI tool which outputs the data to the console
  3. Home Assistant "plugin" to serve data to your dashboard

What not to do

You should absolutely not set the scraping interval to low (!!). This is not an API provided by Nordnet, so please use.

What's next?

Nothing. Nordnet properly changes their div-structure on monday, and then the scraping is failing.

How to use it

For all the 3 methods, you have to provide the URL to stock page. Navigate to the site, e.g. for Novo:

Now grab the last part of the url, which is what you need:


You can provide multiple URLs, so repeat the above until satisfied.

Normal library

import nordnet
let nnObject = nordnetData("Novo", "16256554-novo-nordisk-b")
echo nnObject.priceLatest # The price
echo nordnetJson(nnObject) # JsonNode


Just find the url path and run:

$ nim c -d:ssl -d:release nordnet.nim
$ ./nordnet 16256554-novo-nordisk-b

Home Assistant

The following is for implementing the data in


First compile the file:

nim c -d:ssl -d:release nordnet.nim

Config file

Then edit the config file, config.json, to your needs.

If you need to place your config file elsewhere, just edit the "config" path. Otherwise leave blank.

nano config/config.json

Auto run

Now adjust the service file and deploy for autorun:

nano nordnet.service
sudo cp nordnet.service /etc/systemd/system/nordnet.service
sudo systemctl enable nordnet
sudo systemctl start nordnet
sudo systemctl status nordnet

Node red

We are making 3 nodes:

  • MQTT-in node - convert to JSON object
  • Switch node - prepared for more stocks
  • HA entity node - make the sensor
Node red JSON code [ { "id": "99ad52.619902b", "type": "mqtt in", "z": "f9f7e30c.acb0a", "name": "", "topic": "nordnet/#", "qos": "2", "datatype": "json", "broker": "6e85e811.77a988", "x": 160, "y": 460, "wires": [ [ "a55a5b7e.c1b6f8" ] ] }, { "id": "a55a5b7e.c1b6f8", "type": "switch", "z": "f9f7e30c.acb0a", "name": "Determine stock", "property": "topic", "propertyType": "msg", "rules": [ { "t": "eq", "v": "nordnet/Novo", "vt": "str" }, { "t": "eq", "v": "nordnet/Alibaba", "vt": "str" } ], "checkall": "false", "repair": false, "outputs": 2, "x": 360, "y": 460, "wires": [ [ "7ec6bbab.c507a4" ], [ "447985cf.024a3c" ] ] }, { "id": "7ec6bbab.c507a4", "type": "ha-entity", "z": "f9f7e30c.acb0a", "name": "Stock Novo", "server": "b95e3a52.453dc8", "version": 1, "debugenabled": true, "outputs": 1, "entityType": "sensor", "config": [ { "property": "name", "value": "nordnet_novo" }, { "property": "device_class", "value": "" }, { "property": "icon", "value": "" }, { "property": "unit_of_measurement", "value": "DKK" } ], "state": "payload.Novo.priceLatest", "stateType": "msg", "attributes": [ { "property": "percentToday", "value": "payload.Novo.percentToday", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "plusminusToday", "value": "payload.Novo.plusminusToday", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "priceBuy", "value": "payload.Novo.priceBuy", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "priceSell", "value": "payload.Novo.priceSell", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "priceHighest", "value": "payload.Novo.priceHighest", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "priceLowest", "value": "payload.Novo.priceLowest", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "tradeTotal", "value": "payload.Novo.tradeTotal", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "orderdepthBuy", "value": "payload.Novo.orderdepthBuy", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "orderdepthSell", "value": "payload.Novo.orderdepthSell", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "epochtime", "value": "payload.Novo.epochtime", "valueType": "msg" }, { "property": "success", "value": "payload.Novo.success", "valueType": "msg" } ], "resend": true, "outputLocation": "", "outputLocationType": "none", "inputOverride": "allow", "x": 590, "y": 420, "wires": [ [] ] }, { "id": "6a83e811.77a988", "type": "mqtt-broker", "z": "", "name": "Main MQTT", "broker": "", "port": "1883", "clientid": "noderedmqtt", "usetls": false, "compatmode": false, "keepalive": "60", "cleansession": true, "birthTopic": "", "birthQos": "0", "birthPayload": "", "closeTopic": "", "closeQos": "0", "closePayload": "", "willTopic": "", "willQos": "0", "willPayload": "" }, { "id": "b93f3a12.453dc8", "type": "server", "z": "", "name": "Home Assistant", "legacy": false, "addon": true, "rejectUnauthorizedCerts": true, "ha_boolean": "y|yes|true|on|home|open", "connectionDelay": true, "cacheJson": true } ]


Now just create a sensor-graph with the sensor sensor.nordnet_novo, or use the mini-graph with the following code:

type: 'custom:mini-graph-card'
name: 'Stock: Novo'
icon: 'mdi:chart-bell-curve'
  - entity: sensor.nordnet_novo
    name: Latest price
hours_to_show: 168
points_per_hour: 30


MqttInfo* = object

  MqttInfo* = object
    host*: string
    port*: int
    username*: string
    password*: string
    topic*: string
    ssl*: bool
    clientname*: string

Nordnetapi* = object

  Nordnetapi* = object
    urls*: seq[string]
    wait*: int
    refresh*: int

Nordnet* = object

  Nordnet* = object
    success*: bool
    name*: string
    epochtime*: int
    priceLatest*: float
    priceBuy*: float
    priceSell*: float
    priceHighest*: float
    priceLowest*: float
    percentToday*: float
    plusminusToday*: float
    tradeTotal*: int
    orderdepthSell*: int
    orderdepthBuy*: int



proc nordnetConfig*(configPath = "config/config.json") =

Load the config


proc nordnetData*(name, url: string): Nordnet =

Scrape the data and return the Nordnet object

(success: true, name: "Novo", epochtime: 1584771256, priceLatest: 359.35, priceBuy: 359.35, priceSell: 359.35, priceHighest: 381.5, priceLowest: 355.75, percentToday: -1.55, plusminusToday: -5.65, tradeTotal: 6914045, orderdepthSell: 0, orderdepthBuy: 0)


proc nordnetJson*(nn: Nordnet): JsonNode =

Transform the Nordnet object to a JsonNode

    "Novo": {
        "priceLatest": 359.35,
        "percentToday": -1.55,
        "plusminusToday": -5.65,
        "priceBuy": 359.35,
        "priceSell": 359.35,
        "priceHighest": 381.5,
        "priceLowest": 355.75,
        "tradeTotal": 6914045,
        "orderdepthBuy": 0,
        "orderdepthSell": 0,
        "epochtime": 1584771256,
        "success": true


proc apiRun*() {.async.} =

Run the async scraping. This will first load the config into memory, then connect to the mqtt broker, and then do the first scraping. After the first scraping the loading time will start.