Utilities for and extensions to Slice/HSlice

slice, index, iterator
nimble install sliceutils



Nimble package for extensions on Slice/HSlice. Features include:

  • tuples: indexing tuples by backwards index and by slices of ordinals or backwards indexes
  • strides: slice type with custom increments other than 1
  • until: slice utility type that counts every element except the last one, made with floats in mind
  • intslices: utility procedures for integer slices
    • subscript indexing for integer slices with ordinals, backwards indexes, or slices of ordinals or backwards indexes
    • diff(HSlice[T, U: SomeInteger]): int: the distance between the 2 bounds, has alias abs
  • general: procedures for generic slices, examples being
    • to(T, U) -> HSlice[T, U]: alternate constructor for slices
    • swap(HSlice[T, U]) -> HSlice[U, T]: swaps the bounds of the slice
    • sort(Slice[T]) -> Slice[T]: gives the bounds ascending order
    • span(HSlice[T, U]) -> int: alias for system.len as len in this package means "number of results of an iteration"
    • spans(HSlice[T, U], V) -> bool: alias for system.contains as contains in this package means "is one of the given values of an iteration"

import sliceutils imports all of these modules.

Warning: This package overuses the type system a bit and breaks very easily for versions below 1.4.0. Even on 1.4.0, you may discover bugs that come from Nim itself.