Custom-tailored object pool for PixiJS-based applications

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npm install @pixi-essentials/object-pool@0.0.5



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PixiJS Essentials Kit

👉 This project is a collection of essential packages for building performant, enterprise-level applications on top of the PixiJS library. It includes several optimization plugins, frequency-domain filters, display-object libraries, and mixins on the core API.

General 📦

Package Brief
@pixi-essentials/area-allocator 2D area allocator for managing texture space and likes
@pixi-essentials/bounds axis-aligned, oriented bounding boxes
@pixi-essentials/gradients generates color-gradient textures
@pixi-essentials/plugin-g (unreleased) This is a plugin containing useful geometry manipulation utilities, The package also contains various types of useful geometries
@pixi-essentials/shader-preprocessor (unreleased) This package provides compile-time %macro% preprocessing. You can dynamically generate shaders based on the macros value set provided & a shader template.
@pixi-essentials/texture-allocator texture atlas allocator - supports render-texture, multiple image, and canvas-backed atlases

Performance Optimizations 🐎

Package Brief
@pixi-essentials/cull prevents rendering of objects outside of the viewable screen
@pixi-essentials/mixin-smart-mask skips masking objects when do so has no effect
@pixi-essentials/object-pool object-pool for PixiJS applications, with niche features like array-allocation and garbage collection
@pixi-essentials/ooo-renderer (unreleased) reorders display object rendering to maximize batching efficiency while preserving local z-order
@pixi-essentials/uber (unreleased) uber-shader support

DisplayObject Kits 🖌️

Package Brief
@pixi-essentials/conic resolution-independent filled quadric curve rendering
@pixi-essentials/transformer interactive interface for editing the transforms in groups
@pixi-essentials/svg a feature-rich SVG implementation

Integrations ⚛️

Package Brief
@pixi-essentials/react-bindings This contains React components for essential display-objects, with @pixi/react