A set of utilities for Vercel Integrations

npm install @vercel/integration-utils@0.6.5-canary.0



npm install size cicleci codecov

A set of utilies for ZEIT Integrations.
Vist https://zeit.co/docs/integrations for more details.


yarn add @zeit/integrations

Middleware for Micro / Now v2

This middleware helps to write UiHook for ZEIT integrations easily.

const {withUiHook} = require('@zeit/integration-utils');

module.exports = withUiHook(async (options) => {
	const {payload, zeitClient} = options;
	const {action, clientState} = payload;
	let metadata = await zeitClient.getMetadata();

	if (action === 'submit') {
		metadata = clientState;
		await zeitClient.setMetadata(metadata);

	if (action === 'reset') {
		metadata = {};
		await zeitClient.setMetadata(metadata);

	return `
				<Input label="Secret Id" name="secretId" value="${metadata.secretId || ''}"/>
				<Input label="Secret Key" name="secretKey" type="password" value="${metadata.secretKey || ''}" />
				<Button action="submit">Submit</Button>
				<Button action="reset">Reset</Button>

This middleware calls the handler with an object containing following entities:

  • payload - the information related uiHook
  • zeitClient - initialized API client for ZEIT with some helpers