Adobe Target React component

npm install @adobe/target-react-component@0.5.4



Adobe Target extensions to at.js -- the new library for Adobe Target. At the moment these are mostly for supporting Target in Single Page Application environments.

  • Wiki: detailed information about at.js extensions, their implementations, examples and references to demo pages.
  • Demos: demo page with links to various at.js implementations for regular websites as well as Single Page Application sites.
  • Issues: place send feedback and questions through Github issues. We will respond as best we can. Please note, these extensions are not supported by Adobe Client Care or Target Engineering.

These extensions are provided free to developers as a starting point to integrate at.js with their Single Page Application. Extensions are not always updated for the latest at.js version. Customization may be required to integrate successfully with your single page app.

This repository is a work-in-progress. Please check commits for version history. These extensions are only to be used with an at.js deployment of the Adobe Target solution.