Tailwind to create capsize typography utilities.

capsize, tailwind, tailwindcss
npm install @asyarb/tailwind-capsize@0.1.4


Tailwind Capsize

TailwindCSS plugin to generate utilities that trim the whitespace above and below web typography. Based on the great work in the Capsize library.


# npm
npm i --save-dev @asyarb/tailwindcss-capsize


To get started, add a capsize key to your Tailwind theme. The value for capsize should be an object whose keys map to the keys in theme.fontFamily with values that are "font metrics".

See below for an example config:

// tailwind.config.js
module.exports = {
  content: [],

  theme: {
    fontFamily: {
      sans: ['Inter var', 'system-ui'],

    capsize: {
      metrics: {
        sans: require('@capsizecss/metrics/inter'),

  plugins: [require('@asyarb/tailwind-capsize')],

To learn how to get the metrics for your font, please reference the Capsize Website.


Usage is best explained with an example:

<!-- Use on an element directly -->
<p class="font-sans text-xl leading-normal capsize">Trimmed Text</p>

<!-- Or rely on the cascade -->
<div class="font-sans text-xl leading-normal">
  <p class="capsize">Trimmed</p>
  <p class="capsize">Also trimmed</p>

With @apply

Use the @apply directive normally:

p {
  @apply capsize font-sans text-xl leading-none;

Trimming by default

This plugin currently does not support applying the capsize class by default. If you wish to trim text elements by default, consider using @apply:

:where(h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, p) {
  @apply capsize;

Opting out of trimming

If you've applied trimming higher up in the cascade, you can undo trimming via the no-capsize utility.

:where(.applies-capsize > p) {
  @apply capsize;
<div class="applies-capsize">
  <p class="no-capsize">I will not be trimmed!</p>

Fluid Utilities

This plugin supports "fluid" typography with clamp() as described in this Smashing Magazine post.

Opting-out of trimming via no-capsize is also available for fluid typography.

<!-- Use on an element directly -->
  class="font-sans leading-normal from-text-sm to-text-2xl screen-sm-to-xl capsize-fluid"
  Trimmed Fluid Text

<!-- Or rely on the cascade -->
<div class="font-sans leading-normal from-text-sm to-text-2xl screen-sm-to-xl">
  <p class="capsize-fluid">Trimmed</p>
  <p class="capsize-fluid">Also trimmed</p>

Generated classes

Class Theme Key Description
from-text-[] theme.fontSize Specify a font size to start with. Must be in px or rem units. Supports arbitrary values.
to-text-[] theme.fontSize Specify a font size to end with. Must be in px or rem units. Supports arbitrary values.
screen-[]-to-[] theme.screens Specify screen sizes from your config to fluidly scale between.


If you are looking to scale up a font size from "mobile", you may wish to add a "base" screen size to your Tailwind config.

Check out the Tailwind docs on adding small breakpoints.


This plugin supports a couple of configuration options. You can supply them as shown:

// tailwind.config.js
module.exports = {
  // ...rest of your theme
  plugins: [
      className: 'trim',
      rootFontSize: 10,
      rootLineHeight: 1.5,
      fluidUtils: true,
Option Type Description Default
className string Class used to apply the "trimming styles" to an element. Also affects the no- and -fluid utilities. "capsize"
rootFontSize number font-size specified in :root. Used to calculate correct rem units. 16
rootLineHeight number line-height specified in :root. Used as line height in trimming calculations when a leading- class is not specified. 1.2
fluidUtils boolean Enable or disable the generation of fluid typography utilities. true


  • Only accepts rem, px, or plain numbers for theme.fontSize values in a Tailwind theme.
  • Only accepts unitless values for theme.lineHeight values in a Tailwind theme.

Plain CSS Version

If you are looking for a "plain" CSS version of this plugin, checkout these Gists: