ATLauncher's ESLint config.

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npm install @atlauncher/eslint-config-atlauncher@0.1.0-13


ATLauncher Style Guide

This is the style guide for ATLauncher.


This repository is a mono repo powered with Lerna and contains the following packages:

  • babel-preset-atlauncher
  • eslint-config-atlauncher
  • ui-components


Each package is a single npm package within the @atlauncher scope and is independently published from one another.

Lerna provides the ability to link the modules up with one another so that packages can be devleoped with a dependency on another package in this mono repo without the need to publish ahead of time.


This package contains a preset for Babel which is setup to work for ATLauncher's projects.

It's intended to support all browsers and versions we need to and be a quick preset to get up and going quickly.


This package contains our ESLint configs.

This allows all ATLauncher projects to simply extend from this base config to ensure that all code is consistent and follows the same styling rules.


This package contains all the components used by ATLauncher in it's various projects to provide a consistent visual look through all sites and applications.

It also contains configs to build a React Storybook instance to be able to visually identify and play with components.


To get developing with any of these modules, first install Lerna globally:

npm install --global lerna

Then go ahead and run a npm install in this directory. This will bootstrap all the packages which will run a npm install and link and cross dependencies.

Then to get up and developing with the modules, simply run npm run storybook:dev which will start a server at with the storybook for the ui-components package.

To run the linter simply run npm run lint which will run the linter on all the packages.

To run tests on all the packages, simply run npm run test.



lerna publish -m "chore: publish release" --conventional-commits

Beta versions

lerna publish -m "chore: publish beta release" --npm-tag=next --conventional-commits