Service registration and client library for Micro(services).

apollographql, cms-framework, expressjs, graphql, markojs, nodejs
npm install @base-cms/micro@1.21.4



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This repository requires Docker Engine 18.06.0 or greater as Compose file format 3.7 is used.

  1. Clone the repository
  2. From the project root run scripts/ to install dependencies

Running Services

From the project root, run scripts/ [SERVICE_NAME]. For example, to run the dev environment for graphql-server run scripts/ graphql-server

Available services include:

  • graphql-server
  • example-website
  • keyword-analysis

To bring down all services (and service deps) run scripts/

Adding/Removing Dependencies

This repository uses Yarn workspaces for managing packages and services.

  • To add dependencies to a workspace run scripts/ [WORKSPACE_NAME] add [package]
  • To remove dependencies from a workspace run scripts/ [WORKSPACE_NAME] remove [package]

The WORKSPACE_NAME is equivalent to the name field found in the package.json file of the package or service. For example, to add a package to the graphql-server service, run scripts/ @base-cms/graphql-server add [package]


Do NOT run Yarn from your local machine. Instead run Yarn commands using scripts/ [command]

Terminal Access

To access the terminal inside Docker run scripts/