File generation for the Blitz CLI

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npm install @blitzjs/generator@0.39.0-canary.0


Blitz ⚡️

Framework for building monolithic, full-stack, serverless React apps with zero data-fetching and zero client-side state management

Welcome to the Blitz Community 👋

The Blitz community is warm, safe, diverse, inclusive, and fun! LGBTQ+, women, and minorities are especially welcome. There will be a zero tolerance policy for any type of harassment or discrimination. I (Brandon) will soon be posting the first RFC — an RFC for a code of conduct. First things first.

👉View The Blitz Announcement Here👈

Code & Demo coming soon!

There’s a LOT of work left and I can’t do it alone.

I invite you to join me — let’s build the future of web dev together. 🤝

If you’re interested in helping or just want to keep a pulse on the project, drop your email here 👉