Boldr Server is a centralized Express-based HTTP server with sophisticated built-in security.

boldr, cms, isomorphic, node, postgres, react, redux, server-side-rendering, universal-javascript, webpack
npm install @boldr/backend@0.1.0-alpha.1


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Boldr is a modern content management framework.

Think of Boldr as the solid foundation for building your next great web application. Unlike most other CMS platforms, Boldr is entirely JavaScript. Boldr features Universal / Isomorphic rendering for improved performance and Search Engine Optimization.

Have questions or want to help with development? Come visit with us Join the chat at https://gitter.im/boldr

Table of Contents

Current Features

  • GraphQL API
  • Rich Text Editor / WYSIWYG
  • Server side rendering
  • Authentication with JSON Web Tokens
  • Content tagging - Easily relate content to similar topics
  • Drag and drop file uploading
  • User management with basic role based access control (major expansion of capabilities planned for a later date)
  • Basic user and author profiles.
  • Redis caching
  • Command line interface - Quick and easy project bootstrapping

Technology Stack


Package Documentation
Config Config Docs
Core Core Docs
Tools Tool Docs

Getting Started

Development Disclaimer: At the moment, Boldr is in active development. Meaning there might be the occasional breaking change or architectural adjustments.

Step 1 First get the files to your machine.

Using git:

  git clone git@github.com:strues/boldr.git <DIR_NAME>
  cd <DIR_NAME>

This will install all of the packages using lerna.

The main application is located in project.
The frontend and the react server entrypoint are located in project/src.
The actual server resides in project/server.

Installation and Setup

See the setup docs


See the production docs


Up again soon..

Email - admin@boldr.io
Password - password


Looking for an open source project to contribute to? All types of contributions are welcome here. Take a look at some of the current issues and see if you find something you'd like to help out with. Feel free to submit pull requests to the develop branch.

Contribution Area Ideas

  • Documentation
  • Designs
  • React
  • Node
  • Build / Installation
  • Play a major role in a community driven project, have some fun, and work on improving your skills.