React Components for Open Data Catalogs.

react, react-component
npm install @civicactions/data-catalog-components@0.0.16


Data Catalog Components

A set of React components to facilitate the creation of Open Data Catalogs with React.

Viewing the Components

This project utilizes storybook to document the available components.

To see the available components:

  1. clone this repo
  2. Install the dependencies with npm:
    1. cd data-catalog-components
    2. npm install
  3. Start storybook
    1. npm run storybook


  1. Review exports in index.js
  2. Increase version in package.json
  3. run npm login
  4. run npm publish --access public

Publish to Github Pages

  1. run npm run prepublish; npm run deploy-storybook

Testing Components without Updating NPM Package

To test or use the components from a github branch:

  1. Create new branch locallly
  2. Remove lib from .gitignore
  3. Run npm run lib
  4. Push lib folder and .gitignore to your branch
  5. Add branch to package.json by running npm install --save getdkan/data-catalog-components#MY-BRANCH
  6. Profit