Coveo template for Create React App.

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npm install @coveo/cra-template@1.35.13


Coveo CLI


What is it?

The Coveo CLI is a powerful command-line interface (CLI) that interacts with the Coveo platform to facilitate development and build automation. Key features include the following:


Option 1: Install via an Executable

Download and run the executable for your operating system to install the latest available version of the CLI.

Afterward, you can run coveo update at any time to update your CLI installation to the latest version.

Option 2: Install via NPM

You can alternatively install the CLI globally via npm:

npm install -g @coveo/cli

Afterward, you can run npm update -g @coveo/cli at any time to update your npm-based CLI installation to the latest version.

You can also run the CLI via npx:

npx @coveo/cli

Validating your installation

To validate your CLI installation, use the coveo --version command:

$ coveo --version
@coveo/cli/1.19.0 darwin-x64 node-v16.10.0

Getting started

After you install the CLI, you'll typically want to login to your Coveo Organization. You can check out all the available commands here.

The project is still under heavy development and more features are coming, stay tuned!

Local Setup to Contribute

To install all dependencies and link local packages, run:

npm i

To run the local version of the CLI


To build all projects for production, run:

npm run build

To run unit tests

npm run test